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Prof. David Attard (Director, IMLI) and the EU Commissioner Dr. Joe Borg in the Institute`s library



The Institute has a well-equipped maritime law library. The Library now has in its possession most of the major textbooks in the field of international maritime law. It constantly expands its acquisition of journals and is now moving towards including French texts and building a collection of different legal systems. The Library continues to attract book donations from law firms and distinguished personalities. It is worth noting that the collection of national maritime legislation donated by students each year is also expanding.
Students also have access to the Library of the University of Malta.

IT Facilities
All student rooms are equipped with personal computers providing round-the-clock Internet service and one channel of satellite television.
A communal printing facility is also available in the Institute`s Common Room.


IMLI studio apartment


Each nominated student is assigned a furnished apartment on the Institute’s premises. The apartments contain kitchen facilities and a private bathroom; cooking utensils, dishes, cutlery and linen are provided.

IMLI studio apartment


The accommodation is suitable only for single occupancy. Consequently, dependents or family members are not generally permitted to reside in the accommodation provided on the premises. Students are expected to live in the accommodation provided.

Although self-financed students are not entitled to accommodation on the Institute’s premises, accommodation may be rented from the Institute, depending on availability.


IMLI studio apartment

IMLI internal courtyards


The Institute is equipped with laundry facilities which are available for use by students who live in IMLI accommodation. For dry cleaning services, students may avail themselves of commercial laundry facilities outside the University.

There are also three Maltacom international telephone call boxes installed within the Institute premises. The call box can be operated with phone cards, which can be purchased from Maltacom offices and stationery shops.


Health Care
Students will receive free emergency health care in the same manner as Maltese citizens. Students will be required to meet any costs incurred for the purchase of all drugs and medications and for private medical consultations.

Students are expected to cater for themselves. Alternatively, Cafeteria facilities are available at lunchtime at the University of Malta where a relatively inexpensive meal can be obtained.


Recreational Facilities
There is a students’ Common Room on the Institute’s premises equipped with television, video, recreational reading material and some games. Students may be assigned certain duties relating to the academic and residential life of the Institute. Students can also use the available facilities of the University of Malta, which include some sports facilities.

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