International Relations

H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, (Secretary-General, United Nations)
during an official visit at IMLI on 22nd April, 2009

IMLI maintains strong institutional links with national and international organisations and corporations pre-eminent in the field of shipping. Organisations such as the Nippon Foundation, IMO and Comité Maritime International (CMI) are not only resources for necessary fellowships for IMLI students, but also provide the Institute with eminent visiting fellows in the field of shipping law.

CMI’s Past President, Mr. Patrick Griggs, is one such person who donates valuable time to lecture at the Institute. Other such organisations which provide valuable support to the Institute are the European Union (EU), the International Labour Organisation (ILO, the Maritime Industries Department) and the United Nations Commission for Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Furthermore, the Institute maintains extensive links with national maritime law associations such as the British Maritime Law Association, the Maritime Law Association of Singapore, the Slovene Maritime Law Association, the Canadian Maritime Law Association and the American Maritime Law Association. It is these links with national and international organizations, which are the cornerstone of IMLI’s position as the foremost educational institute in international maritime law.

Mr. Patrick Griggs (Past President, CMI) lecturing at IMLI

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