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Whatever the source of funding for the programme fee, candidates are reminded that the programme fee does not cover travel expenses. Travel arrangements will have to be arranged and settled by the participants.

Students should arrive in Malta ahead of the programme starting date. However, candidates are advised to make their travel arrangements to ensure their arrival at the Institute not earlier than one week before the commencement of the programme. To find out the exact starting date of the forthcoming programme, please refer to Annex 4 of the Application Package for the LL.M. Programme (see How to Apply). In view of the fact that a three-day field trip to London is organized at the end of the academic year, participants are asked to arrange for their return ticket with Air Malta via London Heathrow Airport, leaving departure dates and the exact stop-over period in London open pending final booking, which may be effected in Malta. This would avoid the student and/or nominating authority incurring unnecessary expenses. Should the student need an entry visa for the United Kingdom, the Institute will assist in obtaining it from the British High Commission in Malta.


Students are requested to arrange for a visa, if this is required, for their initial travel to Malta. Malta is a member of the European Schengen Agreement. Therefore, the Institute cannot procure visas on behalf of students. Students coming from countries with no Maltese embassy or consulate must apply for their visas to enter Malta from the Italian or Austrian Embassy in their respective countries. For more information relating to visa requirements please visit the website of the Malta Ministry of Foreign Affairs at (information on visas is found on the SERVICES menu located on the top of the Ministry's homepage).

Family and dependants

Students are not expected to bring their families or dependents with them to the Institute and are strongly advised not to do so. The residential facilities at the Institute are not intended for occupancy by the members of the families of students. If students nevertheless do decide to bring dependants with them, they themselves have to arrange at their own expense suitable accommodation outside the Institute. The Institute must be notified in advance of the intention to bring dependants. No arrangements can be made for them by IMLI.

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Books and Other Instructional Material

Students are provided with a selected number of textbooks, conventions and other instructional material as determined by the Institute. On completion of study, arrangements will be made for sending such material to the student’s home country by sea transport, if this is necessary.

As part of the programme, each student is required to write a dissertation of 10,000 words on a topic of their choice, approved by the Faculty. The topic selected by each student should relate to some aspect of the programme , but it is expected that it will also be relevant to the student’s own country or region. Students are therefore encouraged to bring with them any materials that would be useful for such purpose, in particular any domestic textbook concerning public or private maritime law.

Students are also required to undertake a drafting project related to maritime legislation. It would be useful if students brought with them copies of ALL NATIONAL LEGISLATION RELATING TO MARITIME LAW covering topics such as marine pollution, ports and harbours, commercial maritime law, as well as the constitution of their Government. Furthermore, students are advised to bring with them a copy of any law relating to the incorporation of international legal instruments regarding maritime law into their domestic law, as well as any law or material governing legislative drafting within their jurisdiction, such as an Interpretation Act. Such materials can then be retained in the IMLI Library for consultation and use by future students. In this way, the Library can build up a comprehensive collection of maritime legislation. Co-operation in this matter will be much appreciated by IMLI.

It would also be useful for the student to have a contact person within his/her jurisdiction who would be willing to supply him/her with any material as required during his/her stay at the Institute.


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The Institute is located within the campus of the University of Malta in Tal-Qroqq, Msida. Local buses are available on the main road outside the University gates. There are a number of shops, cafes, etc. within walking distance of the University.

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