Life in Malta

Valletta and the Senglea viewing point


Geographical Location and Climate

Malta is a small island (27km x 14.4 km) located in a strategic position in the center of the Mediterranean, between Italy (Sicily) and Tunisia. It has much of historical and cultural interest for visitors and has long maintained an interest in maritime affairs.

The climate is generally warm. Temperatures are as follows:

35 degrees celsius highest summer temperature
14 degrees celsius average November to April temperature
7 degrees celsius lowest winter temperature

In the winter, the weather may become cold and stormy from time to time. Students are advised to bring appropriate warm and waterproof clothing for winter, as no clothing allowance is available. Further details can be obtained from

Living Costs
The currency of Malta is the Euro (€). For more information about exchange rates visit the website of the Central Bank of Malta

Rental accommodation is available in residential areas, in the vicinity of the University. The monthly rent of a modest furnished apartment is approximately €300 to €450, depending on the number of bedrooms. The monthly expenses of food and other living costs could amount to €150 to €250 per person depending on one’s lifestyle.

For more information about Malta please refer to the following web resources: - Malta Tourism Authority - Government of Malta - Malta International Airport - "The Times" Maltese newspaper - search engine



Valletta Water Front

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