Ms. Mirian Da Graca Camilo Mendes (Angola), Class of 2016-2017:

It has been a humbling journey since I graduated IMLI. I have the pleasure to thank the International Maritime Organization for investing in me and considering me as a deserving candidate to be pursue studies in the Institute’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme in International Maritime Law. Training at IMLI prepared me to a new chapter that I did not know I was built for. I knew little about International Maritime Law and the impact it made in my country. I find myself at my desk sometimes reading the books Prof. Attard provided and thinking about the advice my highly professional lectures taught me. Until this day I can still contact my lecturers for help, they were my guide and still consider them my mentors. They helped me understand International Maritime Law, think outside the box and carry out research in areas completely unknown to me. I also made great connections; my colleagues and I are so close and often I contact them for suggestions and meet them at various conferences. Training at IMLI was a unique experience. I want to express my gratitude to IMLI and IMO for providing me with the opportunity to join the Institute. May the support continue, and may it affect the lives of many other generations.



Ms. Nicole D. Martin (Antigua and Barbuda), Class of 2017-2018:

IMLI has provided me the substantive international maritime knowledge and practical skills which will enable me to make contributions to Antigua and Barbuda’s Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS). I am better prepared to assist ADOMS’ goals to promulgate efficiency and effectiveness in its maritime administration and planning. I have obtained a broader understanding and sensitivity to all things maritime through rigorous training.  Additionally, I have acquired a global network of peers and have interfaced with acclaimed shipping and law of the sea experts.  With this exposure and knowledge, I will be able to effectively represent my country at the IMO, and other maritime organisations whilst assisting with our international ship and yacht registry, and supporting the Ocean Governance committee with a confidence and know-how only feasible due to my IMLI attendance. 



Ms. Aynur Jafarova (Azerbaijan), Class of 2017-2018:

The studies at IMLI will help me to make the highest contributions to our Government, especially to the State Maritime Administration where I am working. The knowledge received as a maritime lawyer will assist me in dealing with the problems which arise from the lack of the experts in maritime field and also will present me the chance to ensure effective implementation of international conventions through the national legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. By getting acquainted with all aspects of the maritime law I now have the chance to contribute to the discussions aimed to successfully resolving the issues relating to the legal status of the Caspian Sea. I will also efficiently use this opportunity not only locally, but also internationally when I represent my country during international meetings.



Mr. Farhad Mammadov (Azerbaijan), Class of 2008-2009:

At IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) I pursued studies leading to the degree of Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Maritime Law during the 2008-2009 academic year. I am grateful to IMLI and to the Nippon Foundation for the support and trust. At that time of my studies was already employed at the State Maritime Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Studying at IMLI opened for me new horizons and allowed me to gain knowledge in international maritime law. The IMLI studies assisted me in my future career to grow as a professional in shipping law, ratification of conventions, their application into national legislation and implementation of obligations arising from them. That played an ultimate role in understanding the mechanism of ratification and implementation of IMO Conventions. Besides, in taking a leading role in the organization of academic and non-academic events, I became acquainted with the culture, history and traditions of the classmates which led to the close relationship we have until nowadays.

After graduation I was promoted twice at my job and became Head of the Law, Human Resources and International Relations Department. In this position I encouraged my employees to continue their education at IMLI. Moreover, in 2017, I was appointed as the IMO’s Ambassador for the Republic of Azerbaijan and in the same year, in accordance with the International Maritime Organization Member State Audit Scheme (IMSAS), was appointed as an auditor of the Member States to IMO. I am very grateful to IMLI, the Nippon Foundation and to our lecturers for their continuous support in training professionals in the maritime sector.



Mr. Mariano Castillo (Argentina), Class of 2015-2016:

The LL.M in International Maritime Law offered me the opportunity to study and research law in an integrated fashion. The programme´s syllabus, the lecturers, and visiting lecturers contributed to it. I devoted my time at IMLI to deepen my knowledge and analyze complex legal issues of both Maritime Law and Law of the Sea. The international environment at IMLI provides the chance to analyze legal topics from different perspectives such as different legal systems or on a geographical basis, whether it be global, regional, or country specific. The aforementioned leads IMLI to provide legal training covering the vast framework of maritime conventions and their proper implementation into national laws.



Lt. Florencia Otero (Argentina), Class of 2015-2016:

It is an honour to express my sincere gratitude to IMLI and the IMO for selecting me as a deserving candidate to pursue studies in the Institute’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme in International Maritime Law. Training at IMLI not only has been proven an asset for my academic and professional development, but it also has provided me with an enriching personal experience.  During my studies at IMLI, I also had the honor to receive academic mentions and awards, such as the CMI Prize for Best Overall Performance and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (Malta) Prize for Best Performance in Maritime Transport Law. Furthermore, my research interests lie in the area of the law of the sea, such that I wrote for my dissertation on “Argentina’s Claim to an Outer Continental Shelf –An Analysis of its Entitlement and the Relevant Legal Regime.” Therefore, upon invitation from the CMI, I participated in the CMI Assembly and CMI/AIDIM Seminar (Genoa) as a panelist to present my academic achievements. Upon my graduation from IMLI, the Argentine Coast Guard appointed me as legal adviser in maritime affairs at the Navigation Regulations Department, where I currently work on high profile initiatives concerning the implementation of IMO Conventions in domestic legislation, as well as the provision of legal advice for the review and update of national maritime legislation. It is worth mentioning that none of these achievements would have been possible without the support from the IMO and the Argentine Coast Guard. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities the scholarship provided my career, as well as the development of maritime law in my country.



Ms. Deirdre Alexandra Clarke Maycock (the Bahamas), Class of 2011-2012:

I was given, unbeknownst to me an opportunity of a life time to attend IMLI in 2011. At first I was frighten and often wondered ‘what in the dickens am I doing back in school?’ Nevertheless I took the challenge and there I was, completing my Masters in Maritime Law by the benevolence of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF). The journey was not easy but it has allowed me many opportunities to see the world, meet new wonderful friends whom I am still in touch with and excel on job. When I attended IMLI I was a Counsel at the Office of the Attorney General. On my return to The Bahamas I was afforded the opportunity, by the then Attorney General of the Bahamas, to head the Registrar General’s Department. As the Acting Registrar General, my first accomplishment was the creation of the Maritime Marriage Registry for the Bahamas. I am pleased to say that my knowledge in Maritime Law, which I credit IMLI and LRF, assisted in my implementation of this programme and for this I am grateful. My knowledge cannot be taken from me complements of LRF. 



Mr. Mohammed Alamgir Khan (Bangladesh), Class of 2003-2004:

IMLI is a centre of excellence for training and education of specialist in international maritime law. The Institute’s special emphasis is given to international regulations adopted by the IMO. It has a unique system of imparting training to the student in legislative drafting. Students are given special training in the techniques of implementation of international maritime conventions and regulations into domestic legislation. I feel proud of IMLI when I see its graduates contribute in various IMO Sessions, in particular Legal Committee meetings and the deliberation of the international maritime fora. The golden memories of the IMLI during my studies still remain afresh. In fact, it has broadened my international horizon in my professional field. I pay my humble tribute to respected teachers, especially, Professor David Attard, Director of the IMLI whose diligent efforts has made  the Institution successful, which has led to its widespread recognition. It is worth mentioning here that Professor Attard was not only our teacher but also a guardian who took care of all our activities. Above all, I am really grateful and thankful to IMLI and The Nippon Foundation for sponsoring me to study at IMLI. The knowledge I gained during the course from this world recognized Institute, it helps me to provide advice to my government on the need for new or revised laws and regulations in maritime affairs and on their implementation. I hope this support will continue for the future generation with a view to making further contribution ensuring rule of the international maritime law. I feel proud being a member of the IMLI family and hope that the Nippon foundation will continue to assist in this endeavour of IMLI and will provide in the never ending quest for improvements in the service of the Rule of International Maritime Law. 



Mr. Stefan Brajic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Class of 2016-2017:

I do believe that my experience at the International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) in Malta, which was made possible by the Lloyd´s Register Foundation, was something extraordinary. Those 8 months in Malta changed my life completely. Before coming to IMLI, I had never thought that I would do anything related to maritime law. Thus, I went to Malta with the idea of experiencing and learning something new. My stay at the prestigious Institute changed my views and goals in life. First of all, I became completely fascinated by the intricacies international maritime law and saw myself practicing it for the rest of my life. I am now living in Mexico and am working for the Mexican Navy as Chief of Department for International Legal matters. I would like to take this opportunity to express my immense gratitude to the Lloyd´s Register Foundation for giving me the opportunity to be part of the IMLI. The opportunity of studying at IMLI has brought me a lot of benefits in my professional and personal life. 



Ms. Maria Fernanda Campos Lopes Soares (Brazil), Class of 2016-2017:

I am thankful for having had the opportunity to attend the LL.M programme in International Maritime Law at IMLI. As a private-practice lawyer, I had the chance to be acquainted with important aspects of public policies and government matters, along with the chance to deepen my knowledge in relation to shipping law, which constitutes the basis of my professional practice. IMLI programme had the advantage of combining both private and public subjects, offering a thorough and comprehensive view of all important issues pertaining to maritime law.



Ms. Iliana Borissova (Bulgaria), Class of 2010-2011:

After graduating from IMLI, I continued working for the Executive Agency “Maritime Administration” (BMA), as I had signed a three year contract with the Administration prior to leaving for IMLI. Part of my responsibilities comprised working as Secretary of the Working Group (WG), created by Order  RD-08-232 / 14.05.2014 of the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, with the aim of studying the possible ratification of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM Convention '2004) by Bulgaria. In 2012, I became a member of the International Law Association (ILA), and the Bulgarian Association of International Law (national branch of the ILA). I participated in the 75th ILA Conference: Sofia 26-30 August 2012, and in the 76th ILA Conference Washington, D.C., 7-12 April 2014. The latter was held jointly with the 108th Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law. In 2015, there was a reorganization of the BMA and the Directorate, where I was working was closed. Currently, I am working at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. I am using my knowledge, obtained at IMLI in relation to the EU and international legislation on the Fisheries. In October 2017, I visited Tbilisi, Georgia, where I participated in the Nippon Fellows Conference for the Black and Caspian Seas Region, co-organized by the Government of Georgia and the NIPPON Foundation of Japan. The two-day Conference was well-organized. The Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia addressed the Conference. Participants made presentation regarding the status of the activities in the region. Also, there was Roundtable Discussions with Dr. Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman of the NIPPON Foundation, related to the contributions of the Nippon Fellows to better achieving international governance of the oceans and seas for the benefit of sustainable blue growth. There were lots of opportunities for networking and sharing of ideas. It was an enriching experience professionally and personally



Mr. Allen Williams (Canada), Class of 2013-2014:

In 2015, I was engaged as a Nautical Instructor by the Western Maritime Institute, Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada, to teach nautical courses to candidates trying to qualify in various capacities for active sea-going jobs.  Recently, in July 2018, the Institute, in particular recognition of, among my other academic credentials, my Advanced Diploma in International Maritime Law, appointed me to the position of Chief Instructor, Nautical Block Credit courses. I can proudly admit that my IMLI Diploma has opened the door to a successful career that lies ahead. 



Professor Adriana Vincenca Padovan (Croatia), Class of 2002-2003:

I graduated with distinction from the IMO International Maritime Law Institute (Malta) in 2003. Upon the completion of the studies at IMLI, I pursued a career in maritime law. My work experience ranges from the marine insurance market to academic career. I have always felt that my studies at IMLI had a vast impact on my personal and professional development. In 2011 I obtained a Ph. D. degree at the Faculty of Law, University in Zagreb. I currently work as a research fellow at the Adriatic Institute of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts specialising in maritime law. I was previously employed by Croatia Insurance Co. Zagreb (2003 – 2010), where I was responsible for the marine and aviation hull and liability insurance business. In the academic year 2007/2008 I was engaged as assistant lecturer at IMLI. I occasionally participate in the undergraduate programme of the Maritime and Transport Law Department of the Faculty of Law in Zagreb as a visiting lecturer. I passed the Croatian Bar exam in 2006, having completed an internship at the Municipal Court in Zagreb. I have held educational seminars in transport insurance at the Croatian Insurance Bureau, where I also act as a mediator at the Centre for Mediation. I take part on the Professional Committee of the Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure for the drafting of maritime legislation. I participated on the International Subcommittee for the Review of the Rules on General Average, Comité Maritime International from 2013 till 2016. Since 2016 I have been leading the research project DELICROMAR - Developing a Modern Legal and Insurance Regime for Croatian Marinas - Enhancing Competitiveness, Safety, Security and Marine Environmental Standards funded by the Croatian Science Foundation. I am a member of the Croatian Maritime Law Association and a founding member of the Croatian Transport Law Association. I regularly publish professional and academic papers in the field of maritime law, I am a co-author of the chapter on Marine Insurance Law in the IMLI Manual on International Maritime Law – Shipping Law, Vol. II, and the author of the book The Role of Marine Insurance in the Protection of Marine Environment from Ship Source Pollution (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 2012).



Mr. Mahmoud Faisal M. El-Habashy (Egypt), Class of 2014-2015:

Since I graduated from IMLI in 2015, I have always felt that new doors and opportunities have been opened for me. I was put on the right track that appears to guarantee my success in the career that I have chosen to pursue, which is serving my country in the diplomatic corps. Shortly after returning to Egypt from Malta, I was nominated to attend a very prestigious training course in the field of security and political studies at the NATO Defense College in Rome (NDC). The course entitled NATO Regional Cooperation Course (NRCC) included various political and legal topics aimed to address the maritime security situation in various areas around the world. I was proud to be one of the participants who were very well aware of the maritime topics. It enabled me to participate actively in the related negotiations and discussions. I was the most junior participant in the course in terms of age and rank. This proves the trust my country has in me. I was also one of four participants chosen to attend advanced discussions with the “Senior Course” group. After the training course in Rome, I returned to the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cairo, Egypt, where I worked as a desk officer for the United Nations (UN) affairs, and was given assignments, including maritime issues. Shortly after working in the UN department for few months, I got promoted to the rank of Third Secretary carrying with it more interesting work responsibilities and exposure. Two months later I was specially nominated to be posted to Abuja, Nigeria, one of Africa’s most important countries and one of Egypt’s biggest partners. Noteworthy is the fact that the relations between Egypt and Nigeria in the maritime field are quite crucial – issues concerning maritime shipping routes, maritime security cooperation, possible Nigerian investments in the new Suez Canal corridor, and Egypt’s hosting of the annual conference of The Associations of Heads of African Maritime Administrations (AAMA) held in Abuja, Nigeria in April 2017. I am quite positive that in the near future, I shall be posted in a country where I can utilize the academic benefits I obtained from IMLI and the NDC and the practical experience I gained while working in Abuja, Nigeria. I am hopeful to be posted in New York to serve at our permanent mission to the UN, or London to handle the International Maritime Organization files at our Embassy. All of the above-mentioned achievements, and more yet to come, would not have been possible without the support of the LRF, and the trust that was put in me. For this, I will be forever grateful to the LRF and IMLI and my beloved Malta. May you always support academic growth and the interest of international maritime law!



Ms. Aya Kamal Ibrahim (Egypt), Class of 2017-2018:

IMLI studies gave me a deep understanding of the international maritime law aspects. The IMLI training assisted me in acquiring better legal skills and to deal with the developments in the international maritime law. The studies at IMLI introduced me to the current challenges in the marine environment conservation and its effects on the whole world. The acquired knowledge from IMLI assists me in effectively contributing to the work of the Egyptian Foreign Service, which deals with the international maritime law aspects on a daily basis.



Ms. Mavis E.V. Longavatu Joseph (Fiji), Class of 2014-2015:

I am forever indebted to IMLI and The Nippon Foundation in enabling me the opportunity to pursue studies in the Institute’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme in International Maritime Law. Since the inception of IMLI 30 years ago, I was only the 5th person (and 2nd female) from Fiji to have acquired a Masters of International Maritime Law. Since graduating in 2015, I was able to utilize the knowledge to my day to day work and also tap into the network created with my colleagues/lecturers/staff of IMLI, and now friends, from all over the world.  Furthermore, the qualification also gave me the confidence to take on the role of the Chairperson for the regional association – Pacific Women Iin Maritime Association (PacWIMA) in 2016 when it was re-launched after a hiatus of 7 years. It is pleasing to note that with the support of the IMO, the Pacific Community (SPC), Maritime Administrations and employers, there has been more focus, visibility and opportunities for women in the pacific maritime sector including the most recent 2nd Regional Conference for Pacific Women in Maritime that was held in Papua New Guinea in April 2018. In March 2018, I was offered the role of IMO Technical Cooperation Officer at SPC. Given the competitive recruitment process, being the first person, female and Fijian to hold such a post, it is a privilege and responsibility that is not taken lightly. The opportunity to serve the Pacific region is testament to the training I received at IMLI and the capacity building support of The Nippon Foundation for women aligned to SDG 5 “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”. Thank you once again to IMLI and The Nippon Foundation for creating the opportunity and raising the profile of maritime professionals in the Pacific and around the world.



Mr. Ali Kamal-Deen (Ghana), Class of 2001-2002:

The degree obtained at IMLI served as a major stepping stone in my career when my skills were still lacking in specialization. The programme was an essential catalyst for advancement in my early professional journey as a lawyer in the Ghana Navy and currently as a consultant and expert in ocean governance, maritime law and security. My experience at the institute was distinctive; an unmatched blend of quality content alongside meaningful instruction and guidance from highly seasoned and accomplished lecturers. I acquired in-depth knowledge of the complexities and nuances of International Maritime Law. To this day, the knowledge I acquired during my Masters programme at the Institute has greatly influenced my work and research in maritime law and security. From personal experience, the Institute encourages, recognizes, nurtures and rewards talent and hard work. The cosmopolitan environment at the institute also offered a unique experience for students in sharing ideas, cultures and establishing long lasting relations. One could simply not pass through the institute without being inspired to make a significant contribution in the maritime domain. In my capacity as a lecturer and an international maritime law expert, I am continually all too willing to impart the knowledge I have acquired; and together, we can all augment awareness of the relevance of the maritime sector. It is indeed impossible to express my gratitude to the entire staff at the institute for their constant commitment and passion towards making IMLI the preferable choice for prospective students in the maritime sector.



Mr. Abdul Haki Bashiru-Dine (Ghana) Class of 2016-2017:

My experience at IMLI during the 2016-2017 Academic year was a life changing one and has shaped my carrier path since.  It is with profound gratitude that I express my deepest thanks to all faculty members and the Director, Prof David Attard, in particular for the leadership he has shown in steering the affairs of IMLI this far. I wish also to single out the IMO for granting me a scholarship without which I would not have had this unique opportunity to study at the prestigious Institute. I graduated at IMLI with a Masters (M.HUM.) in International Maritime Legislations with distinction and was awarded the REMPEC Marine Environmental Law Prize. I am very proud to say that I was one of the pioneers for the newly introduced program for non-lawyers who are Government Officials working in the maritime and transport sectors to help promote and build the capacity of developing countries to extrapolate IMO conventions into domestic law for effective implementation and realization of IMO Instruments. This was a laudable decision by the IMO given that it gave meaning to the mandate of the IMO as the guarantor of efficient shipping and environmental sustainable shipping in the world. Since returning home after my studies I have been instrumental together with other IMLI graduates from the Ghana Maritime Authority and the Attorney Generals Department to constitute a technical committee which is currently seeing to draft legislation for the effective implementation of the Ballast Water Management Convention and the Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention, among others. I am also part of a technical committee drafting legislation for a Coast Guard Bill and Regime for Inland Water Transportation Management for Ghana. Following my studies at IMLI I also had the opportunity to be admitted to a number of International Maritime Law Academies such as IFLOS Summer Academy in Hamburg, Germany, Gujarat Maritime law Academy, India, and the the Jiao Tong University on the Theory and Practice on the Law of the Sea focusing on the Transition Era of the Deep Seabed Mining – Organized by Center for Polar and Deep Ocean Development (PDOD), Shanghai Jiao Tong University. My training at IMLI is thus contributing to the development of the maritime industry in Ghana and will go a long way to ensure sustainable shipping and Ocean Governance for the benefit of mankind, thus advancing the global maritime value chain and the protection of the marine environment. I strongly believe that the IMO – IMLI is indeed serving the rule of International Maritime Law.



Ms. Mariam Mgeladze (Georgia), Class of 2016-2017:

It is an honour to express my gratitude to IMLI and the Lloyd Registry Foundation to consider me as a deserving candidate to pursue studies in the Institute’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme in International Maritime Law. Due to their generosity, I was given a chance to study at IMLI and work with exceptional professionals, professors and lecturers drawn from leading international organizations, universities and firms. I thoroughly enjoyed working and studying with such a great team of people. It is a pleasure to watch and learn from my fellow colleagues. Without a doubt, the IMLI studies play a key role in achieving my educational dreams. I have been given the opportunity to enhance my professionalism and accelerate awareness in maritime law from an international perspective. Training at IMLI was beyond expectations and it opened a new world to a young government official who knew little about the intricacies of international maritime law and the real impact they may have on a country. Thank you for choosing me and granting such a remarkable opportunity. I will continue to maintain relations with both IMLI and the Lloyd's Register Foundation for years to come. I truly appreciate this opportunity. It has touched me very deeply and has brought a noticeable positive change in my professional career and life.



Mr. Zaza Pirveli (Georgia), Class of 2008-2009:

It is a great pleasure to express my sincere gratitude to IMLI and The Nippon Foundation for pledging their trust to me as a Georgian lawyer to apply to the Institute, and consider me as a deserving candidate to pursue studies in the Institute’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme in International Maritime Law. Studying at IMLI was beyond expectations and enabled a young government official to learn about the details of international maritime law and the real impact they may have on a country in global environment. Learning at IMLI gave me a tremendous opportunity not only obtain a specific knowledge of international maritime law, but also of the importance and necessity for new developments in all aspects. IMLI was also a great forum to make new friends from all over the world with their multicultural background. Above all, I am grateful that I was given unique opportunity for studying at IMLI and I deeply hope that this obtained knowledge will contribute to the development of my country and my future career as well. 



Mr. Charalampos Kazantzis (Greece), Class of 2014-2015:

I believe that my academic year at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute (“IMLI”) was very instrumental in shaping me as a legal practitioner. I believe that IMLI has contributed both to my personal and professional development as through its diverse syllabus it gave me the chance to experience the full spectrum of maritime law both from a common and civil law perspective, on a comparative basis, amounting to a truly international experience. Both its resident faculty as well as vising professors were always eager to help us understand the intricacies of maritime law and up to the task to discuss our queries providing constant support. I would say this experience prepped me for my current occupation as it gave me an in-depth knowledge of shipping law and at the same time honed my legal reasoning considering that when I studied at IMLI I was merely a law graduate. On a more personal note the truly international environment of IMLI afforded me the chance to meet people from different cultures and make new friends which I have kept in touch till this day.



Ms. Evangelia Pouli (Greece), Class of 2015-2016:

My postgraduate specialization in International Maritime Law was an indispensable and inestimable experience and definitely, IMLI was the place to be. With a great reputation and widespread recognition, IMLI combines academic excellence with an innovative approach to groundbreaking research and teaching. The IMLI experience is a holistic one which does not only offer students solid theoreticalknowledge but it mainly aims in contributing to the development of student’s vocational and leadership skills such as discipline, the capacity of setting high goals, working effectively under pressure, achieving results and meeting deadlines successfully, which I deem crucial for every legal professional.Undoubtedly, my studies at IMLI made me sharpen my research, writing, communication, analytical, advocacy and networking skills, as well as understand the great importance of attention to detail and eagerness for self-improvement. Beyond this,training at IMLI offered me essential experience in legal drafting, which was proved indispensable for my professional carrier. Nevertheless, the most unique aspect of IMLI was and remains the human element; the competent staff, the prominent lecturers and the dedicated students of different nationalities form a multicultural, welcoming and dynamic environment enhancing the overall pedagogical experience. This said the IMLI family remains always connected, providing a network for sharing professional experience and knowledge on national and international maritime law. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to IMLI as well as to HELMEPA for believing in me and contributing to the realization of my studies in the Institute’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme in International Maritime Law. Last but not least, I am also grateful to my thoughtful lecturers, my mentors who contributed to my personal development.



Ms. Nielsen Avila Rovelo (Honduras), Class of 2015-2016:

I would like to express my profound gratitude to the International Maritime Organisation and the IMLI for such generous sponsorship and opportunity granted to me to pursue my studies as a Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme 2015-2016 in International Maritime Law. In affording me this prestigious opportunity and becoming part of an esteemed family of International Maritime Lawyers has made of my maritime career a plus amongst other lawyers. Special thanks to my lecturers and IMLI staff whose constant dedication, patience, advises and enthusiasm made sure that the programme was a complete success. Leaving in such an international environment and far away from my loved ones personally helped me to grow and learn from my colleges with some of whom I still remain in contact as brothers and sisters. IMLI is not only an Institute but a life teacher showing day by day how to get to know different cultures and characters, teaching you the meaning of respect and tolerance in such a multicultural environment.



Captain Arvind Kumar (India), Class of 2007-2008:

I have no word to express my deep gratitude to my sponsors “International Transport Worker’s Federation’ for sponsoring my studies in Master of Law (LL.M) programme in International Law at IMLI. I am eternally grateful to Professor David Attard, (IMLI Director) and the teaching facility for imparting in me first class quality knowledge in international law and international maritime law. I am thankful also to the staff of IMLI for making my stay at IMLI comfortable and enjoyable. As a matter of fact such a wonderful has been my experience at IMLI and Malta that I remember my days there very fondly to this day. My training at IMLI was an unparalleled experience both academically and socially. Training at IMLI opened new horizons and on my return to my country I am able to employ the knowledge gained very fruitfully and effectively. IMLI is a very unforgettable experience and the international nature of the institution transformed my way of thinking and my social outlook. As a matter of fact IMLI made me an international person. I feel blessed that I got an opportunity to study at IMLI in Malta for which I shall ever be grateful and feel very privileged. IMLI is a special life time bond of brotherhood of which I am proud.



Mr. Sahdev Singh (India), Class of 2010-2011:

I work for the Directorate General of Shipping which is the country’s maritime administrator and is tasked to ensure the safety of life and ships at sea, prevention of marine pollution, promotion of maritime education and training in co-ordination with the International Maritime Organization, regulation of employment and welfare of seafarers, development of coastal shipping, examination and certification of merchant navy officers, supervision and control of the allied offices under its administrative jurisdiction through Mercantile Marine Departments in different coastal regions. The Directorate’s vision is “To be recognized globally as a highly effective, efficient, responsible and progressive maritime administration.” I am proud to say that as an IMLI alumni, I play my part to the achievement of this vision. Thanks to the expertise acquired I have managed to address numerous shipping-related tasks very efficiently. In addition to above, I have attended many meetings, conferences related to international laws and maritime laws and delivered lectures at the Indian Maritime University on maritime laws and international laws. All these would not have been made possible without my studies at IMLI.



Ms. Tali Thau Sade (Israel), Class of 2013-2014:

I graduated from IMLI with distinction in 2014, as the first candidate from my country. Following a fascinating year in which I gained unique knowledge, tools, connections, friendships and life-time experience, I have pursued a successful career in Maritime Law. LRF support had a crucial role in this process. LRF was engaged in supporting, advising and even facilitating an extraordinary week of work experience in London (upon the generous offer of Mr. Harrison and the kind mentoring by Mr. Kennedy). The important foundation laid down at IMLI led to even further educational/professional experiences around the world such as an internship at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, the Summer Academy of the International Foundation for the Law of the Sea, The Hague Academy of International Law, work experience at LR in London and others. Thanks to the unique knowledge and education I gained, I am now a consultant in the strategic Israeli National Marine Spatial Planning Project and am working with various governmental agencies and ministries. I am grateful for the opportunity to put into good use these tools and expertise.



Mr. Filippo Cerboni (Italy), Class of 2016-2017:

I must say that my experience at IMLI was definitely life-changing. I sent my application for the LL.M. Programme briefly after having graduated from law school in Rome, therefore at a stage in which I only had very limited practical experience of the legal world in general. However, I had always been motivated by a profound passion for maritime law in all its aspects, and realized I needed to deepen my knowledge of it in order to pursue a career in the respective legal field. IMLI has certainly lived up - if not exceeded - my expectations of improving my preparation in maritime law, as it gave me the knowledge necessary to understand the many ways in which this field of law is capable of having an impact not only on individuals, but also on States and their relationships between each other. The lecturers were throughout the process essential guides, who often encouraged me to push the limits of my work beyond what had until then been my “comfort zone”. I am currently working as a trainee in one of my country’s most prominent maritime law firms, and I must say that the knowledge I have gained from IMLI has already proven to be an invaluable tool with which to pave the initial steps of my career.  I must therefore thank IMLI not only for providing me with a thorough preparation in maritime law, but also for the overall experience it allowed me to live, from which I have also learned a lot about myself throughout a year which has turned out to be essential not only to my academic but also to my personal growth.



Ms. Beatrice Settanni (Italy), Class of 2014-2015:

The opportunity given to me to pursue studies at IMLI filled my heart with hope and determination to do something useful for the international community and immense passion that livens up my just started career. Upon graduating with distinction from IMLI, I worked at the European Maritime Safety Agency, dealing in particular with the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the SAFEMED III Project. Thereafter, I worked as Assistant Registrar at the Maltese Registry (Policy and Legislative Department). In 2016, I started my practice as a maritime lawyer within the Shipping Department of Dingli & Dingli Law Firm (Malta) with particular focus on Ship Finance & Registration, Shipping Sale, Purchase & Charter Parties and Marine Environmental Law matters. As a member of the Malta Maritime Law Association (MMLA), I was part of the Maltese delegation to the CMI Assembly 2017. Furthermore, I keep collaborating with the Italian Ministry of Transport and the Italian Ministry of Environment on IMO matters and have also been a part of the Italian delegation to the IMO. Therefore, the impact of my studies at IMLI was indeed fundamental on my professional and personal growth.



Mr. Adolphus Dorwoan Karnuah II (Liberia), Class of 2012-2013:

Having completed my studies on the April 27, 2013, I returned to Liberia in fulfilment of my commitment made to the Institute and my sponsors that I will return to my home country and contribute to the service of the rule of international maritime law. Upon my return, I resumed my work as County Attorney for Grand Gedeh. With the training received, I have been able to discharge my duties with diligence and efficiency. With the knowledge acquired, I am relied upon for drafting contracts and interpreting international treaties and conventions that my department may come across. My knowledge acquired at IMLI has made me a much confident jurist and lawyer as I am able to better communicate and interpret the laws during my legal practice. I am additionally confident and conversant in researching legal principles and other relevant legal materials necessary for executing my job and duties. I again pledge my allegiance to enhancing the promotion of the service of the Rule of international maritime law.



Mr. Ali Abbas Khayoon Al-Nassiry (Iraq), Class of 2005-2006:

The LL.M. I obtained from IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) in 2006, played a fundamental role as a unique qualification to accomplish the best achievements in my legal career. It was one of my most important credits to be appointed as the only Maritime Attaché of Iraq in the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in London. Therefore, I feel that I am a testament of the IMLI impact of IMLI and a true link between my home and IMLI. I have had the honor of representing my home country to IMO meetings and activities. I have succeeded so far to reconnect my home country with IMO after a long time of absence. One of the unique features of the IMLI program is its comprehensive approach that includes both international maritime law and shipping law. Therefore, the vast legal education and knowledge I received from IMLI worked as a foundation for my knowledge and specialty in maritime law. Moreover, the IMLI degree paved the way for me to pursue further educational achievements like obtaining the U.S. Humphrey Fellowship Certificate in law signed personally by President Obama in 2013, a second master in law from Washington College of Law/American University in U.S.A., and many other specialized certificates in law, legal English and leadership. In addition, I am now in the last year of my Ph.D. studies in Maritime Law at the World Maritime University in Sweden. The IMLI experience was rich in respect of meeting students and people from around the world with different backgrounds and make wonderful friendships that I highly appreciate and keep till now. Finally, one has to give the credit to the esteemed leadership of Professor Attard, who plays a key role in the success of IMLI. So, thank you IMLI, Malta, Professor Attard, IMLI faculty and staff as well as IMO.



Ms. Johanne Andria-Manantena (Madagascar), Class of 2013-2014:

IMLI was a wonderful journey. I express my gratitude to IMO for funding my studies during this program and address my special thanks to all the IMLI staff that made us feel like home.

I was in the private maritime sector before I joined Madagascar Maritime Administration. Training at IMLI was very challenging and introduced myself to the main role of the maritime administration through various international conventions and topics covered during the program. At the end of the journey, I was able to understand how important international maritime law is. As a result, I didn’t encounter any difficulty when I started my new position upon my return in my country. IMLI was not only an international institute where maritime administrators were trained by very talented lecturers but also a place to build friendship within its multicultural environment. I am proud today to be called an IMLI Alumna.  Actually, I am the national focal point for Madagascar in Maritime Technology Cooperation Center in Africa (project funded by EU and implemented by IMO on reducing pollution from ships) and Chairperson of Women in Maritime in Eastern and Southern Africa for Madagascar Chapter. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to IMLI for my achievements.



Dr. Michael Agius (Malta), Class of 2016-2017:

The LL.M in International Maritime Law programme helped me broaden my perspective on all things maritime and shipping related through our various lectures, workshops, course work, and ever present knowledgeable lecturers. Several lectures from key players within the maritime sphere ranging from top university lecturers, to government officials, senior legal professionals, and even heads of State or international organisations, brought the practical aspect to the lecture hall thus linking our academic knowledge to the real world.  My time at IMLI was one which I shall forever cherish. I am indebted to the IMO, the Government of Malta and IMLI for granting me this opportunity which has helped me not only develop as a legal professional, but also as an individual.



Ms. Carmen Mifsud (Malta), Class of 2015-2016:

It is was an honour for me to have been accepted to pursue my studies at IMLI for the Advanced Diploma in International Maritime Law and to also be given the opportunity to be able to attend the lectures of the Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme in International Maritime Law. I am a marine biologist by profession and hence maritime law is very essential and quite critical in my work. I was always very much involved in drafting of marine policy and had already been responsible for a number of marine projects and in assisting to identify and designate a number of Marine Protected Areas in Malta. I had also already worked on a number of international and regional conventions which focus mostly on marine issues. Both the training at IMLI and the networking opportunity that it provided through the considerable number of professionals lecturing at this institute and the same students present, coming from all over the world, proved to be a wonderful and unique opportunity. IMLI trains students in a very rigorous way and these studies have opened another world to me. In fact, right after this course, I was provided with the opportunity to vice chair the Maltese COMAR (committee of the oceans and law of the sea) and be directly involved in the United Nations negotiations leading amongst others to the elaboration of an international legally binding instrument under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ). This opened a completely new chapter for me with regards to the work I used to do. I even ended up co-authoring a paper which was eventually sent to the United Nations on behalf of the European Union. I also got directly involved in the UN Regular process, in the second phase of the world ocean assessment as well as in the UN Informal Consultative Process wherein a Maltese proposal for the 2018’s title was actually accepted at the EU and later at the UN level. I am so grateful for the course I did and for the opportunity I was provided with right after this course wherein I was exposed and worked directly with the United Nations and the scientific meetings taking place there on ocean issues. Thus in a small way I feel that I have also contributed back by utilizing the excellent maritime skills I was thought at IMLI.



Mr. Leonard Onoja (Nigeria), Class of 2014-2015:

I gained a great deal from my stay in IMLI as my horizon on the various aspects of maritime law, especially the international conventions regulating the sector, was broadened. The knowledge gained has been useful in the course of my work with the Nigerian Ports Authority. As a Legal Adviser, I am now in a position to advise my employers well on complex issues relating to maritime law. I am also able to make contributions to issues relating to the Law of the Sea, ocean governance, carriage of goods and IMO. I was promoted to the rank of Senior Manager upon graduation. I will always remain grateful to the Institute and my employers for the rare opportunity of being part of the Institute.



Ms. Aleksandra Bujkovic (Montenegro), Class of 2015-2016:

The LL.M. programme at IMO IMLI is a very unique and intensive programme which provides specialized education in maritime law from an international prospective as well as intensive training in maritime legislation drafting. I consider these studies as a life changing experience. I had the opportunity to learn from a distinguished faculty coming from leading international organizations and universities which was highly inspiring. Besides the academic achievement and valuable knowledge and skills gained, I became part of a global network of young experts who are able to rely on each other and cooperate when dealing with complicated issues arising from international maritime law. The knowledge gained at IMLI definitely opened many doors for me; it also encouraged me to pursue an international career and is a stepping stone for my further education. Being an IMLI-LRF alumni, allows me to be recognized as someone who can contribute to my country’s development, especially since Montenegro is in the process of harmonization of its laws with EU standards and IMO conventions, is dealing with delimitation issues and is renewing its merchant fleet. I have been actively involved in specialized trainings and round tables organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro for the representatives of maritime sector companies and competent institutions. My academic achievement endorsed me for my current position – I am practicing law in an international law firm in Cyprus which is, among others, providing comprehensive legal services in shipping matters. With this experience I believe I will be able to engage in advocacy and provide legal advice on maritime matters to both the government and private sector.



Ms. Fretti G. Ganchoon (the Philippines), Class of 2016-2017:

In IMLI, I was exposed to this fascinating universe of International Maritime Law, of which I quickly and humbly realized I know very little about. Prior to going to IMLI, I only have a bare minimum working knowledge of the Law of the Sea gained out of necessity in performing my work relating to UNCLOS dispute settlement, maritime boundary delimitation and marine scientific research. At IMLI, my mind was exposed to all the other areas of International Maritime Law, such as Shipping Law, Maritime Security Law and Marine Environmental Law. I also learned a lot of IMO Conventions and how to effectively draft legislation to incorporate and implement the various IMO Conventions into the national legal system. I was guided into this fascinating universe of International Maritime Law by the school’s eminent Director, Professor David J. Attard and the school’s resident stellar faculty, Professor Norman Martinez, Ms. Elda Kazara-Belja, Ms. Ramat Jalloh, Ms. Tetty Lubis and Mr. Boba Bojang, To them, I am also profoundly grateful. Together with the visiting professors who are renowned experts in their respective fields, Professor Attard and the resident faculty equipped us with knowledge on International Maritime Law that is so precious we left IMLI ready to take on our respective roles in helping our governments resolve matters relating to International Maritime Law. After graduating from IMLI, I resumed the performance of my functions as State Counsel in-charge of maritime law matters. In such a capacity, I have helped in the drafting and finalization of the revised Guidelines for the conduct of MSR in Philippine waters, prepared comments submitted to the Senate for the ratification of various IMO Conventions and Protocols in preparation for the IMO audit of the Philippines in 2021, and provided policy inputs to the National Task Force for the West Philippine Sea. In the academe, I have also resumed the performance of my functions as Professor at the Far Eastern University (FEU) Institute of Law where I currently teach Special Issues in International Law, focusing on the Law of the Sea. I also teach Law of the Sea, focusing on the South China Sea, for the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) of Philippine lawyers, a requirement by the Supreme Court. I was given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study International Maritime Law. I know there still a lot to be learned. But I have been properly quipped by IMLI and in furthering my knowledge and strengthening my expertise on International Maritime Law, I will always be guided by the discipline and training I had in IMLI. With this knowledge and expertise, I aim to continue to help my government in all matters relating to International Maritime Law.    



Dr. Paula Castro Silveira (Portugal), Class of 2013-2014:

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been one of the chosen scholars of the Lloyd´s Register Foundation Fund. Without its generous support, I would never have had the chance to attend an excellent training in maritime law like the one given to me at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute. Therefore, I would like to highlight the role it played, and still plays, in my life. This opportunity allowed me to stand out in my country as a specialist in maritime law and international law. In consequence, I was chosen, in a very competitive selection, to attend a paid trainee at the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), where my main duty was to provide assistance and advice to the European Commission in the field of international maritime law. Moreover, due to the training provided to me at IMLI, I obtained knowledge, critical thinking and discipline that allowed me to successfully complete my Ph.D. in law, on “Ecodiversity Damage: Conceptual Rupture. A Juspublicist Perspective”. This work contributes to innovative research related to environmental damage, including pollution damage. On top of that, I have had the opportunity to transmit what I have been taught, through participation in courses and lectures as speaker, in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries like Mozambique and Brazil. I am also providing a seminar on “HNS and Bunker Convention” in the Post-graduation programme that will start in 2018 at the School of Law of the University of Lisbon. This way I can give back to everyone what was made possible to me by the LRF Fund.



Ms. Emily M.A. Gonthier (Seychelles), Class of 2016-2017:

It is with great pride and gratitude that I reflect on my time at IMLI pursuing the Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Maritime Law.  I am grateful to the IMO for investing in me and making my studies at the Institute possible. My time at IMLI has been a great contributor in shaping me into the professional I am today. At the start of my IMLI journey my knowledge and understanding of international maritime law was limited. I emerged at the other end of that journey with valuable knowledge for maritime law and a passion for the subject.  Hailing from a country with limited expertise in the domain of maritime law, I remain grateful for the opportunity I have gotten to learn from some of the most brilliant minds in the field. Since returning to my country and resuming my duties at the Department of Legal Affairs, I am able to apply the knowledge that I have gained and participate more actively in matters relating to maritime law. In addition to the academic gain, the experience of working with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures at IMLI and the work ethic instilled in us by our lecturers and mentors are treasured lessons that I shall always carry with me throughout my career. As the work continues towards the development of my country’s maritime sector and the need for a comprehensive set of national legislation, I am ever mindful of the challenges ahead and the fact that international maritime law is not stagnant.  However, with the valuable skills and knowledge gained at IMLI, along with the network which the Institute has introduced us into, I forge ahead emboldened in the task.



Ms. Emily V. Mousbe (Seychelles), Class of 2016-2017:

As a female Seychelloise working as a Legal Advisor in the Seychelles Ports, I am honoured and grateful to IMLI and The Nippon Foundation to have been provided with the opportunity to pursue my studies in the IMLI’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme in International Maritime Law.

The field of maritime law has always been considered to be male oriented and having the opportunity as a young female who lives in an archipelagic State whereby my professional and personal life is directly affected by maritime issues, the IMLI experience is of significant value to me. The training which was versed in international maritime law has enabled me to have a thorough understanding of current legal issues surrounding this industry and which was previously not being practiced by myself prior to my training at the Institute. As my work was mainly based with law of the land, IMLI has provided me with the opportunity to understand concepts of law of the sea and therefore consolidated my knowledge of maritime operations engaged into by the Seychelles ports. Such has led me to be more engaged in the process of law review for my workplace to ensure that operational aspects such as pilotage and towage are done in accordance with international maritime law as adopted in the local context. The exigencies involved in drafting works as well as the process of domestication of Conventions has also permitted me to have a better understanding of the legal framework alongside the different obligations being set on my country and the Seychelles Ports Authority through every step of the process. Being an IMLI alumni has opened a lot of doors for my professional career and it has indeed developed my thinking from solely a Seychelles perspective to a more global one. I will also be forever grateful to have spent an academic year under the supervision of the amazing lecturers of the Institute who happens to be the most brilliant minds in the field as well as other members of staff, who have not only taught me about academics but also provided me with memories of the most wonderful time in the country of Malta and at the Institute.



Ms. Ramat Angelica Jaraie Jalloh (Sierra Leone), Class of 2011-2012:

When in Sierra Leone I received a message that I had been accepted to study at IMLI so as to enhance capacity building in my country. That was a singular opportunity, an opportunity of a lifetime. I am proud to confirm today that that trust was very well placed. Although this was an uncharted path for me, today I can proudly say that I am one of Sierra Leone’s hand full of experts in the area of maritime law. I have attained vast knowledge in the field of maritime law. I can undertake research and write in all areas of maritime law and I am an astute draftsman. My dissertation at IMLI was published by The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) through the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC), to further their objectives of assisting Mediterranean coastal States in ratifying, transposing, implementing and enforcing international maritime conventions related to the prevention of, preparedness for and response to marine pollution from ships. In 2013, I was appointed as an Assistant Lecturer at IMLI. After two years of excellent service to the Institute, I was promoted to full-time Lecturer and Academic Coordinator in 2015. In my position, I have had the opportunity to impart knowledge to officials sent to be trained at the Institute by their respective governments in the areas of Private Law, International Law, Shipping Law, Law of the Sea and Maritime Legislation Drafting. I also direct and supervise students in their maritime legislation drafting projects and dissertations. In the area of Maritime Legislation Drafting, I assist students in incorporating international maritime conventions into the national legislation of the students’ country. This is a very important tool that countries require to have a trained expert in, to be able to transpose international law to national law. Without this phase, the provisions of international conventions cannot be enforced in individual States, especially in common law countries. This is a knowledge that I have harnessed for myself and my country and now passing it on to students from all over the world.



Ms. Agnes Gaotee (Solomon Islands), Class of 2017-2018:

It is an honour to express my gratitude to IMLI and The Republic of Korea for pledging their trust to me, to apply to the Institute, and consider me as a deserving candidate to pursue studies in the Institute’s Master of Humanities (M.Hum.) programme International Maritime Legislation. Training at IMLI was an experience beyond expectations. Before joining the Institute, I had been more involved in policy issues and had worked on very few international conventions. Discharging efficiently these obligations had proved a challenge due to the nature and objective of an international convention which the country was prepared to ratify or accede to and to prepare national laws that would fully implement the obligations arising therefrom. Training at IMLI therefore was a wonderful opportunity which was unique not only to one of the few Solomon Islands female administrators involved in the maritime industry but also to a country which very few knew where was on the map and which was trying its best to improve the maritime sector. My lecturers were my guide and my mentors. They helped me understand international maritime law, think outside the box and carry out research in areas completely unknown to me. The international environment of my classmates introduced me to new cultures and backgrounds. Most of all, I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to do the newly introduced program of the Institution that was designed for non- lawyers. Indeed, words are not sufficient to express my gratitude. May this support continue and may it affect the lives of many other generations.



Ms. Nokuthula Nofemela (South Africa), Class of 2016-2017:

The knowledge that I acquired from IMLI has enabled me to advance my skills in the maritime field. Thanks to the IMLI training, I obtained a job offer from Munich Renaissance of Africa. The number of experts in International Maritime Law in my country, especially among women, is very limited when compared to the needs of the sector. My dreams have become a reality and I will be able to use my newly acquired skills and knowledge in the implementation of IMO Conventions to the benefit of the maritime industry and South Africa.



Ms. Daffodil D’vore Maxwell (Trinidad and Tobago), Class of 2015-2016:

I shall remain forever grateful for the sponsorship that I received from the International Maritime Organization and the mentorship which I received from the lecturers and guest lecturers of the IMO International Maritime Law Institute during and after my studies in 2015-2016. The nine (9) plus months which I spent at IMO IMLI in Malta have no doubt greatly advanced my understanding of Maritime Law and affairs. I am able to approach with a greater sense of confidence and advise on topics pertaining to the law of the sea, shipping law, drafting and interpretation of maritime legislation and other associated topics. Since my return to my country Trinidad and Tobago, I have felt a desire to contribute to the development of the maritime sector and I have kept steady in my mission. Progress, though seemingly slow, is no doubt inevitable thanks to IMO and IMLI. In my work with the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, I do my best to share and apply that which I have learnt and often I am able to reach out to my colleagues all over the world who studied with me at IMLI. There is always a strong sense of support and comradery among us as we stay in contact and share our experiences and knowledge. I am also thankful for the school location in Malta; certainly the friendliness of the people and the beauty of Malta as a maritime nation cannot go unacknowledged. Overall, my life is definitely not the same as it was prior to me attending IMLI. Born out of my deep gratitude for the IMO and IMLI, I vow to continue doing my best to positively contribute to the development of the maritime sector in my country and region, and if God permits me even in the world. I thank God for the experience I received, and pray that both the IMO and IMLI shall only see greater years to come.



Mr. Osman Garajayev (Turkmenistan), Class of 2015-2016:

I think that the whole training at IMLI has been really beneficial not only to me but to my government as a whole. Especially, my knowledge obtained from IMLI helped me to grow personally and professionally within my position. I’ve been involved in different tasks, such as drafting international conventions, national laws and acting as a leading specialist in preparing legal documents related to the maritime sector of my government. Studying at IMLI therefore was highly needed for me, professionally and personally. This kind of professional development is very important because it delivers benefits to the individual, their profession and the country as a whole. Lecturers’ knowledge and professionalism demonstrated during the class were outstanding. Once again, I am very thankful to IMLI who opened a door to the great opportunities to come. I wish for it continued success in providing support in the field of teaching international maritime law.



Ms. Sandra Munduru (Uganda), Class of 2014-2015:

The IMLI training introduced me to a whole new world and opportunities I never thought imaginable. I am able to have a positive impact in my work for my country. Since my return from my studies at IMLI, I have succeeded in raising awareness about the need for regulation, emphasis on safety, security and protection of the marine environment in the maritime sector. This has been necessary for Uganda which as a landlocked country places emphasis on other modes of transport as opposed to maritime. Great strides have been made as we started with setting up institutional framework. Our cabinet approved the set-up of a Maritime Administration which is up and running. We have also embarked on review of our obsolete and old laws and regulations in the sub sector, such as Merchant Shipping laws and regulations, accession to various IMO instruments and setting up a Maritime training institute. My IMLI training and experience have been very instrumental in my work and I have been able to contribute positively to the work highlighted above.



Ms. Daria Omelchenko (Ukraine), Class of 2015-2016:

I pursued Master of Laws studies at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute during the academic year 2015-2016. IMLI’s education in legal studies and professional atmosphere guide me daily in performing my duties here in Ukraine with utmost sincerity and with best of abilities. The studies attended not only has made this dream a reality but also has expanded the possibilities of my professional reach. I am proud to report that on returning from Malta, I have successfully completed the probation period at the Maritime Transport Workers' Trade Union of the Ukraine (Organization affiliated to ITF) and have officially joined the office of this Organization which since its inception has rendered real assistance to thousands of the Ukrainian seafarers who serve on board foreign vessels. The vision of my sponsor together with IMLI have uplifted my professional standards to which I firmly adhere. I will always owe a deep debt of gratitude to the Lloyd’s Register Foundation and to the IMLI family for strongly supporting my education.



Ms. Olena Ptashenchuk (Ukraine); Class of 2011-2012:

I am honoured to be one of the IMLI alumni. Before joining the LL.M. programme at IMLI, I considered a variety of other options, however, neither of them offered such a unique opportunity to embrace the international nature of maritime law in a truly multicultural environment. During my studies at IMLI I enriched and strengthened both theoretical and practical knowledge in different areas of international maritime law blending practices from the Civil Law and Common Law countries. Such experience is priceless for any practicing maritime lawyer. Lecturers of the Institute and visiting fellows clearly understand the needs of the students from different jurisdictions and the importance of communicating with them in a way that will deepen and broaden their expertise.  By helping professionals from different countries to achieve their highest potential, IMLI strongly contributes to the training of qualified international maritime law specialists.



Ms. Olena Semenova (Ukraine), Class of 2016-2017:

I would like to express my highest gratitude for providing me with an opportunity to acquire knowledge at a prestigious and respected Institute such as IMO International Maritime Law Institute during the class 2016-2017. After my graduation I received a lot of propositions from both the private and public sectors. However, I chose to focus on the maritime safety area and now I am working at the State Service of Ukraine for transport safety as a Senior State Inspector of Shipping Safety Department. I am extremely glad that I can apply the knowledge I received from IMLI in practice, especially since I was studying at the new and unique programme - Master of Humanities in International Maritime Legislation. The goal of said programme was to train specialists in international maritime law to effectively discharge State`s obligations and ensure that national legislation meets the international standards adopted by the International Maritime Organization and other international organizations. The fact is, this programme helps me in preparation of Ukraine for the IMO Member State Audit (June 2018), where I act as an expert and adviser to my Government. I am very proud to be able to contribute into development of the maritime area in Ukraine. Participation in that programme was also an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, views and experience with my colleagues from the different corners of the world which I met during my studies. This still helps me in launching fruitful international partnerships.



"All the graduands can be proud of having been outstanding flag bearers of the cultures, traditions and values of their Nations and during the whole academic year this has been our contribution to common enrichment from which also the International Maritime Law Institute has benefited."


Lt. Cmdr. Gianmatteo Breda (Italy)
Class 2004-2005

"There is much to share here at IMLI and what a decade ago was the main objective of the Institute, helping the developing countries to fill in the gap of the maritime legal background with respect to industrialized Nations, is now just one of the goals. The developed countries cannot escape having a new approach regarding the involvement of the developing nations, because the common interests and the good ideas do not have nationality rather they fall under the principle of universal jurisdiction."



"This diversity in the background of the course participants have made our studies at IMLI all the more interesting and challenging for we saw the many facets of law as it relates to the policies and development plans of our respective governments. IMLI has certainly laid the foundation of our understanding and appreciation of the value and importance of maritime law to the progress of our respective countries."

Atty. Gilberto G.B. Asuque (Philippines)
Class 2003-2004


"[...] what the IMLI aims for - bringing international maritime law from its high pedestal in the global arena down to the work places of civil servants, private entrepreneurs, fishermen and farmers, into the homes of every family, helping their lives and livelihood while ensuring that the marine environment is protected and preserved for the future generation that will take their respective places in this vast living space."



Ms. Paula Beatriz Grillo (Argentina), Class 2005-2006:
"IMLI enables students to form professional links with other students and visiting lecturers and these contacts will be extremely useful after our return home."



Ms. Carla Andrade de Melo (Brazil), Class 2005-2006:
"Two years before enrolling for the IMLI LL.M. Programme I attended the IMLI Short Course on Marine Environmental Law and on that occasion I realized the high level of expertise and the importance of subjects taught at IMLI (not only for practitioners, but also for persons like me engaged in governmental issues related to maritime law). Since then, it had been my great wish to undertake also the LL.M. Programme."



Mr. Yongsheng Cai (China), Class 2005-2006:
"IMLI is an isolated place of peace for studying. Every day, after your interest in the international maritime law is inspired by the lecturers in class, you could not wait to sit in your room and read peacefully, with the sun shining through your window and fresh air greeting. [...] IMLI’s (daily) full schedule is a heavy burden, but when you overcome it you realize that you made a step further toward becoming an expert in the field of international maritime law."



Mr. Fauzi Milad Abu Argoub (Libya), Class 2005-2006:
"My first contact with IMLI was in 1990 when I was admitted for the LL.M. course but due to personal reasons I could not pursue my studies at that time. At this very moment [2005] I am posted at the Libyan Embassy in Malta as a counselor and I took this opportunity to join the course."



H.E. Mr. Efthimios Mitropoulos, Former Secretary-General of IMO and Chairman of the IMLI Governing Board:
"IMLI's impact [...] can be measured by the undeniable success of its graduates around the world, as they have consistently secured senior positions in government administrations worldwide and within the global maritime industry - positions ranging from ministers of justice, attorneys general, chief justices, ambassadors, chief executives and senior corporate managers."



Dr. Joe Borg, Former EU Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs:
"IMLI is a gem of an institute. It has served excellently the rule of International Maritime Law and has furthered Malta's position in the maritime world. With over 300 lawyers coming from 104 countries trained in international maritime law in Malta, IMLI has managed to create at least over 300 ambassadors for our beloved country. IMLI is an effective instrument in enhancing Malta's prestige in the international community."



Mr. Archie Bishop, Legal Adviser to the International Salvage Union:
"The concept of IMLI was brilliant and there can be no doubt that it has been an enormous success. "Added value" to the IMLI course is given by the many visiting lecturers, who come from far and have considerable practical experience in their highly specialized fields. IMLI is training its lawyers, not just in the theory but also in the "practical side" of maritime law. [...] I have been lecturing at IMLI for more than ten years, and I have always found a high standard students. It is a real pleasure to lecture here."



Dr. Andree Kirchner, Consultant for international law i.a. to the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research:
"IMLI has definitely developed a lot in the last years in all aspects both with regard to material conditions (new premises, a completely new "multimedia" lecture room, a PC set in every student apartment) and to the structure of the organization as such. I appreciated very much the highly motivated participants (IMLI students). On a more personal basis I appreciated the warm welcome from the IMLI staff. It is a pleasure being here and I am looking forward to continue our cooperation."



Mr. Masamichi Hasebe, Former Legal Counsel of the International Oil Pollution Compensation (IOPC) Funds:
"IMLI is a very good academic institution, with students coming from all over the globe. Most of IMLI lawyers hold senior positions within their governments. Therefore, what they learn at IMLI can easily be introduced later in their countries of origin. I haven't heard of any other academic institution with such an imposing number of eminent visiting lecturers. Time permitting I would like to attend the IMLI LL.M. course myself."



Dr. Mahin Faghfouri, Chief of the Legal Section of the Division for Services Infrastructure for Development and Trade Efficiency at UNCTAD:
"IMLI graduates often, as part of their national delegation, represent their country in various international conferences and UN organizations and are involved in international developments."



Professor Frank WiswallVice-President (Honoris Causa), Comité Maritime International and Member of the IMLI Academic Committee:

"The quality of the student body appears to me to improve with each successive year. The high achievements of many past LL.M. graduates are now well known and one looks forward to following the careers of today's students. [...] I must add that the quality of the current Ph.D. candidates is extremely good; I believe that these first Ph.D. theses will give rise to publishable works of very considerable importance in dealing with real problems confronting both the maritime industry and government authorities."



Professor Dr. Marko PavlihaVice-Dean, Head of Law Department, University of Ljubljana,

Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transportation and IMLI Governor:

"I have been teaching marine insurance law for eight years and I must say that it has been a wonderful and extremely fulfilling experience. Each year I meet approximately 25 or more students from about 20 different States. [...] In short - it is great to be here again and I will definitely come back."



Dr. Philippe BoissonLegal Consultant to Bureau Veritas, Paris and IMLI Governor:

"[...]the international character and dimension of the Institute: the students are coming from all parts of the world, from developing countries but also now from developed countries, in particular from European countries. And the visiting professors - some 30 a year - are among the best legal experts worldwide in their respective specialities, professors of law or professionals from all the sectors of the maritime industry, practitioners of common law system but also from civil law countries."


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