"All the graduands can be proud of having been outstanding flag bearers of the cultures, traditions and values of their Nations and during the whole academic year this has been our contribution to common enrichment from which also the International Maritime Law Institute has benefited."


Lt. Cmdr. Gianmatteo Breda (Italy)
Class 2004-2005

"There is much to share here at IMLI and what a decade ago was the main objective of the Institute, helping the developing countries to fill in the gap of the maritime legal background with respect to industrialized Nations, is now just one of the goals. The developed countries cannot escape having a new approach regarding the involvement of the developing nations, because the common interests and the good ideas do not have nationality rather they fall under the principle of universal jurisdiction."



"This diversity in the background of the course participants have made our studies at IMLI all the more interesting and challenging for we saw the many facets of law as it relates to the policies and development plans of our respective governments. IMLI has certainly laid the foundation of our understanding and appreciation of the value and importance of maritime law to the progress of our respective countries."

Atty. Gilberto G.B. Asuque (Philippines)
Class 2003-2004


"[...] what the IMLI aims for - bringing international maritime law from its high pedestal in the global arena down to the work places of civil servants, private entrepreneurs, fishermen and farmers, into the homes of every family, helping their lives and livelihood while ensuring that the marine environment is protected and preserved for the future generation that will take their respective places in this vast living space."



Paula Beatriz Grillo (Argentina), Class 2005-2006:
"IMLI enables students to form professional links with other students and visiting lecturers and these contacts will be extremely useful after our return home."



Carla Andrade de Melo (Brazil), Class 2005-2006:
"Two years before enrolling for the IMLI LL.M. Programme I attended the IMLI Short Course on Marine Environmental Law and on that occasion I realized the high level of expertise and the importance of subjects taught at IMLI (not only for practitioners, but also for persons like me engaged in governmental issues related to maritime law). Since then, it had been my great wish to undertake also the LL.M. Programme."



Yongsheng Cai (China), Class 2005-2006:
"IMLI is an isolated place of peace for studying. Every day, after your interest in the international maritime law is inspired by the lecturers in class, you could not wait to sit in your room and read peacefully, with the sun shining through your window and fresh air greeting. [...] IMLI’s (daily) full schedule is a heavy burden, but when you overcome it you realize that you made a step further toward becoming an expert in the field of international maritime law."



Fauzi Milad Abu Argoub (Libya), Class 2005-2006:
"My first contact with IMLI was in 1990 when I was admitted for the LL.M. course but due to personal reasons I could not pursue my studies at that time. At this very moment [2005] I am posted at the Libyan Embassy in Malta as a counselor and I took this opportunity to join the course."



H.E. Mr. Efthimios Mitropoulos, Secretary-General of IMO and Chairman of the IMLI Governing Board:
"IMLI's impact [...] can be measured by the undeniable success of its graduates around the world, as they have consistently secured senior positions in government administrations worldwide and within the global maritime industry - positions ranging from ministers of justice, attorneys general, chief justices, ambassadors, chief executives and senior corporate managers."



Dr. Joe Borg, EU Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs:
"IMLI is a gem of an institute. It has served excellently the rule of International Maritime Law and has furthered Malta's position in the maritime world. With over 300 lawyers coming from 104 countries trained in international maritime law in Malta, IMLI has managed to create at least over 300 ambassadors for our beloved country. IMLI is an effective instrument in enhancing Malta's prestige in the international community."



Mr. Archie Bishop, Legal Adviser to the International Salvage Union:
"The concept of IMLI was brilliant and there can be no doubt that it has been an enormous success. "Added value" to the IMLI course is given by the many visiting lecturers, who come from far and have considerable practical experience in their highly specialized fields. IMLI is training its lawyers, not just in the theory but also in the "practical side" of maritime law. [...] I have been lecturing at IMLI for more than ten years, and I have always found a high standard students. It is a real pleasure to lecture here."



Dr. Andree Kirchner, Consultant for international law i.a. to the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research:
"IMLI has definitely developed a lot in the last years in all aspects both with regard to material conditions (new premises, a completely new "multimedia" lecture room, a PC set in every student apartment) and to the structure of the organization as such. I appreciated very much the highly motivated participants (IMLI students). On a more personal basis I appreciated the warm welcome from the IMLI staff. It is a pleasure being here and I am looking forward to continue our cooperation."



Mr. Masamichi Hasebe, Legal Counsel of the International Oil Pollution Compensation (IOPC) Funds:
"IMLI is a very good academic institution, with students coming from all over the globe. Most of IMLI lawyers hold senior positions within their governments. Therefore, what they learn at IMLI can easily be introduced later in their countries of origin. I haven't heard of any other academic institution with such an imposing number of eminent visiting lecturers. Time permitting I would like to attend the IMLI LL.M. course myself."



Dr. Mahin Faghfouri, Chief of the Legal Section of the Division for Services Infrastructure for Development and Trade Efficiency at UNCTAD:
"IMLI graduates often, as part of their national delegation, represent their country in various international conferences and UN organizations and are involved in international developments."



Professor Frank Wiswall, former Chairman of the IMO Legal Committee and IMLI Governor:
"The quality of the student body appears to me to improve with each successive year. The high achievements of many past LL.M. graduates are now well known and one looks forward to following the careers of today's students. [...] I must add that the quality of the current Ph.D. candidates is extremely good; I believe that these first Ph.D. theses will give rise to publishable works of very considerable importance in dealing with real problems confronting both the maritime industry and government authorities."



Professor Dr. Marko Pavliha, Vice-President of the Parliament, former Minister of Transport of the Republic of Slovenia and IMLI Governor:
"I have been teaching marine insurance law for eight years and I must say that it has been a wonderful and extremely fulfilling experience. Each year I meet approximately 25 or more students from about 20 different States. [...] In short - it is great to be here again and I will definitely come back."



Dr. Philippe Boisson, Communication Director and Legal Adviser of the Bureau Veritas Marine Division and IMLI Governor:
"[...]the international character and dimension of the Institute: the students are coming from all parts of the world, from developing countries but also now from developed countries, in particular from European countries. And the visiting professors - some 30 a year - are among the best legal experts worldwide in their respective specialities, professors of law or professionals from all the sectors of the maritime industry, practitioners of common law system but also from civil law countries."


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