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IMO International Maritime Law Institute


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IMO International Maritime Law Institute

University of Malta campus

Msida MSD 2080



Telephones: (356) 2131 9343 / 2131 0816; Fax: (356) 2134 3092

Email: info [at] imli [dot] org


Any queries regarding:

  • IMLI admissions process should be addressed to admissions [at] imli [dot] org (Ms. Elda Kazara-Belja, Admissions Officer)
  • IMLI documentation issues should be addressed to library [at] imli [dot] org (Ms. Verica Cole, Librarian)
  • IMLI publications should be addressed to publications [at] imli [dot] org (Ms. Ramat Jalloh, Editor)


Any official correspondence should be addressed to Prof. David J. Attard (IMLI Director) at director [at] imli [dot] org


Any comments, opinions, recommendations or changes to your listed personal contact details in respect to the IMLI website should be addressed to webmaster [at] imli [dot] org

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