AKBAROV, Ramaz, (Class of 2010), Contract Manager, Caspian Pipeline Coatings LLC, 36 Nobel Avenue, Baku, AZ1025, Azerbaijan

Email: ramaz_akbarov [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: An Analysis of the Civil Liability and Compensation Regime for Oil Pollution Damage: The Azerbaijani Perspective

Drafting Project: An Act to Incorporate the International Convention on the Establishment of an International Fund for Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage, 1992 into the Laws of the Republic Azerbaijan



GANJALIYEV, Elchin, (Class of 2009), Adviser, Ship Registration and Technical, Co-Operation Department of State, Maritime Administration of Azerbaijan, 4 Neftchilar Avenue, Baku, AZ1010, Azerbaijan

Tel: (99412) 4984 405; Mob: (99412) 4702 6796 99

Email: g_elchinfsa10 [at] hotmail [dot] com or elchin [dot] ganjaliyev [at] ardda [dot] gov [dot] az



JAFAROVA, Ms. Aynur, (Class of 2018), Leading Advisor, Human Resources and International Relations, Department of the State Maritime Administration, Sabail District, Khanlar Street 2B, Baku, Azerbaijan

Tel: (994) 5038 51125; Mob: (356) 9968 9098 or (994) 5048 6093 6

Email: aynur [dot] cafarova [at] ardda [dot] gov [dot] az; jafarova [dot] aynur1990 [at] gmail [dot] com; jafarova [dot] aynur [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: A Legal Analysis of the Carrier’s Liability for Loss of and Damage to Goods: From Hague Rules to Rotterdam Rules

Drafting Project: Law to Incorporate the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (as amended) into the Laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan and to Provide for the Effective Implementation Thereof



MAMMADOV, Farhad, (Class of 2009), Head of Law, Human Resources and International Relations Department, State Maritime Administration, Baku, Hanlar 2B, AZ1003, Azerbaijan

Tel: (994) 5026 3541 5; Fax: (994) 1249 7440 6

Email: farhad [dot] mamedov [at] gmail [dot] comtyuhef [at] gmail [dot] comf [dot] mammedov [at] ardda [dot] gov [dot] az

Dissertation: Arrest of Ships: International Experience and the Azerbaijan Perspective


Drafting Project: Law on the Registration of Ships in the Republic of Azerbaijan



MIRZAZADE, Nazrin, (Class of 2016), Legal Adviser, State Maritime Administration, Flat 14, Apartment 70, Abay Kunanbayev Street, 7 Micro Region, Baku, Azerbaijan

Tel: (994) 1256 3950 5; Mob: (994) 5151 55105; (994) 5096 0286 0 

Emailnezrin_nm [at] mail [dot] runezrinmirze [at] gmail [dot] com;  n [dot] mirzazadeh [at] ardda [dot] gov [dot] az

Dissertation: The Rights of Landlocked States and the Azerbaijani Perspective

Drafting Project: The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Making  Amendments to the Commercial Shipping Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Incorporate the Provisions of the International Convention on Salvage, 1989



RADJABOV, Ilkin, (Class of 1995), Judge, Absheron District Court, 5 Qalubiyye Street, Khirdalan City, Absheron District AZ0100, Azerbaijan

Tel/Fax: (994) 1234 2884 7

Emaililkin [dot] rajabov [at] gmail [dot] com

Dissertation: Delimitation of the Maritime Boundaries in the Caspian Sea

Drafting Project: Legislation Incorporating the Convention Relating to the Arrest of Sea-Going Ships of 1952 and the Convention on Maritime Liens and Mortgages of 1993 as Part of the Merchant Shipping Code



TEYMUROV, Jumshud, (Class of 2013), Project Manager, Transmarine Shipping Enterprise Ltd., 13, Sabit Orujev Street, Chirag Plaza Building, Baku, AZ1025 Azerbaijan

Tel/Fax: (994) 12 4939 111; Mob: (994) 5028 6633 8

Email: sea [at] tmse [dot] baku [dot] az or seatmse [at] mail [dot] ru

Dissertation: An Analysis of the Current Status of Boundary Delimitation in the Caspian Sea

Drafting Project: A Law to Incorporate the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004 into the Laws of Azerbaijan



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