DA LUZ, Jose Pedro, (Class of 1996), Auxiliary Professor, (ISECMAR) Instituto Superior de Engenharia e Ciencias do Mar, St. Vicente, C.P. 163, Cape Verde

Tel: (238) 231 3648; Fax: (238) 232 8485; Mobile: (238) 994 9780

Email: jopluz [at] yahoo [dot] comjpluz [at] cvtelecom [dot] cv

Dissertation: Maritime Claims in Cape Verde

Drafting Project: Draft Legislation on Standards of Training for seafarers



LOPEZ AFONSO, Andre, (Class of 1998), National Assembly Representative, Lawyer, National Assembly, Achadinha Praia, Cape Verde

Tel: (238) 622 705; Fax: (238) 622 660

Dissertation: Open Registry: A Comparative Analysis

Drafting Project: A Draft on Salvage for Cape Verde



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