CAUCAU, Etueni Quiolele, (Class of 2004), Human Resources and Administration Managing Consultant, P.O. Box 15485, Suva, Fiji

Tel : (679) 9741 375 ; Fax : (679) 3440 104

Email: etuenidews13 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: Maritime Security in an Archipelagic State: Policing Fiji’s Maritime Zones

Drafting Project: Marine Spaces (Marine Scientific Research within the Exclusive Economic Zone) Regulations



KETECA, Kiniviliame, (Class of 1994), Principal Legal Officer, Attorney General`s Chambers, Government Building, Suva, Fiji

Emailkketeka [at] govnet [dot] gov [dot] fj or kiniviliame [dot] keteca [at] usp [dot] ac [dot] fj

Dissertation: The Legal Concept of Materiality in Marine Insurance Contracts

Drafting Project: Fiji Ocean Dumping Act 1994



KUBUABOLA (TAGICAKI), Silipa, (Class of 2000), National Manager Legal, Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority, Dominion House, Suva, Fiji

Emailksilipa [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] nz

Dissertation: Jurisdictional Issues Regarding the Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the High Seas (A Western and Central Pacific Perspective)

Drafting Project: Amendments to the Fiji Marine Spaces Act 1978



LONGAVATU (JOSEPH), Mavis E. V., (Class of 2015), International Maritime Organisation Technical Cooperation Officer, Oceans and Maritime Programme, Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division, Level 2, Lotus Building, Ratu Mara Road, Nabua, Private Mail Bag, Suva, Fiji

Tel: (679) 337 9381 Ext: 35 381; Fax: (679) 337 0021; Mob: (679) 9705 738

Emailmavisevjoseph [at] gmail [dot] com or mavisj [at] spc [dot] int

Dissertation:  Climate Change and its Implications for the Resettlement of Small Island States: A Case Study on the Republic of Fiji and the Republic of Kiribati

Drafting Project: Fiji Maritime (Bunker) Regulations 2015



SAKITI, Ma’ata, (Class of 1995), Legal Officer, Attorney General’s Office, P.O. Box 2213, Government Building, Suva, Fiji

Tel: (679) 211 611; Fax (679) 302 404

Dissertation: Security Devices in Maritime Law

Drafting Project: The Seafarer’s Act 1995



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