ASUQUE, Gilberto G. B., (Class of 2004), Deputy Chief of Mission and Permanent Representative of the Philippines to the International Maritime Organization and Related Inter-governmental Organizations, Embassy of the Philippines, 6-8 Suffolk Street, Lodnon SW1Y 4HG, United Kingdom

Tel: (44) (20) 7451 1840; Fax: (44) (20) 7930 9787

Emailgbasuque [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] ph or bertasuque [at] hotmail [dot] com or bertbar [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] ph

Dissertation: Seafarers’ Remuneration: Policy and Legal Options to Institutionalise the Link with IMO Safety Standards

Drafting Project: An Act to Establish the Security Framework and Infrastructure for Philippine-Registered Ships on International Voyages and Philippine International Port Facilities, Appropriating Funds Therefor, and for Other Purposes; and an Act defining Unlawful Interference with Maritime Transport as a Crime Involving Destructions, Amending for the Purpose Act No. 3815, as Amended, Otherwise Known as the Revised Penal Code, and for Other Purposes



AUSAN Jr., Leo Tito Lunar, (Class of 2006), Deputy Consul General, Consulate General of the Philippines, Suite 660, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1G3, Canada

Tel: (63) 2 9397 5445 51 or (63) 3333 30442

Email: leotito [dot] ausan [at] pcgjeddah [dot] org or blindfld [at] gmail [dot] com

Dissertation: Lessons from the Seas of the North - Towards a Convention- Ordained Regime on Marine Environment Protection in the South China Sea

Drafting Project: Marine Environmental Protection Law for the Philippines



CABANEZ, Glenn G., (Class of 1990), Regional Director, Maritime Industry Authority - VII, Ground floor, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building, Corner 11th and 13th Avenue, North Reclamation Area, 6000 Cebu City, The Philippines

Tel: (63) 3232 5759 or 232 4916; Fax:(63) 3232 4916; Mob: (63) 9176 2045 19

Email: marina7 [at] pacific [dot] net [dot] ph

Dissertation: Archipelagic Doctrine
Drafting Project: Republic of the Philippines – Proposed Bill on the Pilotage Service of the Philippines



CADLUM-BOCO, Eusebia A., (2018), Lawyer, Attorney IV, Maritime Industry Authority, Parkview Plaza, 984 Taft Avenue cor. TM Kalaw St., 1000 Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Mob: (356) 99653454

Email: evieboco [at] yahoo [dot] com or corsec [at] marina [dot] gov [dot] ph

Dissertation:  A Critical Analysis of the Liability Regime for Marine Pollution from Land-Based Mining Activities

Drafting Project: An Act to Incorporate the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments of 2004 into the Laws of the Philippines and to Provide for the Effective Implementation Thereof



CALAG, Virgilio, (Class of 1993), Attorney V., Legal Service, Maritime Industry Authority, Park View Plaza, 984m Taft Avenue corner with T. M. Kalaw Street, St. Ermita, Manila, The Philippines,

Tel: (63) 9199 1163 89; Fax: (63) 2524 2752

Emailvircalag [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: The Law of Cabotage in the Philippines

Drafting Project: The Philippines Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1993 (Incorporating the Hamburg Rules)



CERBAS BARBERO, Mary Leizl, (Class of 2018), Lieutenant, Legal Service, Philippine Coast Guard, HPCG 139, 25th Street, Port Area 1018 Manila, Philippines

Mob: (63) 9175 5083 19 or (356) 9968 2692

Email: mrylzlbarbero [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships: The Philippine Perspective

Drafting Project:  Maritime Zones Act, 2018



DOLINA, Donette A., (Class of 2011), Attorney/Lawyer, L3 B8, Amore Subd. Brgy. Mulawin, Tanza, Cavite, The Philippines

Tel: (63) 0468 8523 64

Email: attydondolina [at] yahoo [dot] com or dondolina2010 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Dissertation: A Rationalized Approach to Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter: A Philippine Legal Perspective

Drafting Project: A Bill to Incorporate the 1996 Protocol to the Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter, 1972 Providing Penalties for Violations and for Other Purposes



FABILANE, Johonsan A. PCG, (Cass of 2015), LT., Legal Officer, Phillippines Coast Guard, Coast Guard District Eastern Visayas, Ebony Street, Port Area, Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines.

Tel: (63) 9394 4698 71

EmailKajo111874 [at] gmail [dot] com or jfabilane [at] hotmail [dot] com

Dissertation: A Legal Analysis on the Issues Involving the Wreck Removal Convention: A Philippine Perspective

Drafting project: An Act to Incorporate the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007, Providing Penalties for the violations Hereof and for other Purposes



GANCHOON, Fretti Gayondato, (Class of 2017), State Counsel, Room 310, Department of Justice Main Building, Padre Faura Street, Manila 1000, The Philippines

Tel: (63) 2536 0458; Mob: (63) 9219 6767 57

Email: frettiganchoon [at] gmail [dot] com

Dissertation: Traditional Fishing Rights in the Waters of the Disputed Scarborough Shoal: Providing a Legal Framework for their Regulation Pending Resolution of Conflicting Sovereignty Claims over the Shoal

Drafting Project: An Act to Incorporate the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Cooperation, 1990 and the Protocol on Preparedness, Response and Cooperation to Pollution Incidents by Hazardous and Noxious Substances, 2000 into the Laws of the Philippines



LOPEZ, Marco Angelo Felix L., (Class of 2017), Principal Assistant, Office of Legal Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs, 2330 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City,  Metro Manila, The Philippines

Tel: (63) 9028 2471 14 or (63) 0283 44616 or (63) 9159 6063 61; Mob: (63) 9052 3042 67

Email: marcoangelolopez [at] live [dot] com or houston [dot] pcg [at] dfa [dot] gov [dot] ph

Dissertation: Legal Remedies in National Courts against Multinational Corporations: A Viable Strategy to Enforce the South China Sea Arbitration Decision

Drafting Project: An Act Empowering the President of the Republic of the Philippines to Designate Sea Lanes in Philippine Archipelagic Waters, and Prescribing the Rights and Obligations of Foreign Ships and Aircraft Exercising the Right of Archipelagic Sea Lanes Passage and Innocent Passage



MACEDA, Ruben, (Class of 2000), OIC Deputy Executive Director/Chief Administrative Officer, National Maritime Polytechnic, Brgy. Cabalawan, Tacloban City, Leyte, The Philippines 6500

Manila Office: 2/F ECC Building, Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City, Metro Manila, The Philippines

Tel: (053) 321 3352/53/56; Fax: (053) 325 5160; (02) 899-3683: Fax (02) 897-2767; Mob (63) 9993 0525 64

Email: rubenmaceda [at] nmp [dot] gov [dot] ph or rubenmaceda [at] hotmail [dot] com

Dissertation: Maritime Boundary Delimitation in the South China Sea: A Philippine Perspective

Drafting Project: Proposed Bill on Philippine Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea



MADARANG, Jasmine Amparo, (Class of 2014), Court Attorney III, Office of the Chief Attorney, Supreme Court of The Philippines, 5/F Centennial Building, Taft Avenue corner Padre Faura Street, Ermita, Manila, The Philippines

Tel: (63) 552 9577; Fax: (63) 552 9572; Mob: (63) 9178 4350 67

Email: madarangjasmine [at] yahoo [dot] com or jsmn_madarang [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: Challenges in the Implementation of the Precautionary Principle in Philippine Marine Environmental Protection

Drafting Project: An Act Providing for the Implementation of the Provisions of the International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001, Providing Penalties for Violations thereof, and for other Purposes



MENDOZA, Mayette Manalo, (Class 2015), Legal Officer,  Coast Guard Legal Service, Phillipine Coast Guard, Headquarters  Philippine Coastguard, 139, 25th Street, Port Area, Manila 1018, The Philippines

Tel: (63) 2527 8481; Mob: (63) 9228 8799 02

Email: etteyammmendoza [at] gmail [dot] com or emkiub [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: Settling Issues on Overlapping Exclusive Economic Zones and Fisheries Enforcement Laws: A Philippine Perspective

Drafting project:  An Act to Incorporate the International Safety Management (ISM) Code into the Laws of the Philippines



MONJE, Teresa Guia Ramirez, (Class of 2016), Lieutenant Commander, Legal Officer, Legal Office, Headquarters Philippine Coast Guard, Coast Guard Legal Service, 17B G. Ocampo St., Saint Joseph, San Juan City, 1500, Manila, Philippines

Tel:(63) 9771 0052 50; Mob: (63) 9065 3963 97

Emailtguiamonje [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: Legal Analysis of the Responsibility and Liability of Ship Captains during a Maritime Incident under National and International laws: A Philippine Perspective

Dissertation: Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation Act of 2016



PANCIPANE, Ronald Davidas, (Class of 2012), Attorney / Coast Guard Legal Counsel, Headquarters of the Philippine Coast Guard, 139, 25th Street, Port Area, Manila, 1018, The Philippines 

Tel/Fax: (63) 0252 7848 6

Email: rdpancipane [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: A Legal Analysis of the Status of Archipelagic Sea Lanes Passage in the Philippines

Drafting Project: An Act to Incorporate the International Convention on Salvage, 1989, thereby Repealing Act No. 2616, Otherwise Known as the Salvage Law of the Philippines, and for Other Purposes



PERALTA, Joel M., (Class of 2015), Diplomat, Department of Foreign Affairs,  2330 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, The Philippines

Email: peraltajm [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: UNCLOS on the Activities of States within Areas of Overlapping Maritime Entitlements: The Case of the South China Sea

Drafting Project: The Senate Resolution and Administrative Order to Accept (Ratify) and Implement the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic, 1965 (FAL), as Amended



REBLORA, Ramon B., (Class of 2006), Deputy Chief of Coast Guard Staff for Legal and Legislative Affairs, CG15 Headquarters Philippine Coast Guard, 139 25th Street, Port Area, City of  Manila, Metro Manila, The Philippines

Mob: (63) 917 147 2435

Emailattyramonbreblora [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: The Maritime Administration of the Philippines - A Critical Analysis

Drafting Project: An Act to Restructure the Maritime Administration of the Philippines and for Other Purposes


SOL, Rozelin Rochette D. J., (Class of 2017), Foreign Service Staff Officer IV, Department of Foreign Affairs, 2330 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, 1300, The Philippines. 
Tel: (632) 834 4996; Fax: (632) 551 0847
Email: rozelin [dot] sol [at] yahoo [dot] com
Dissertation: The Relationship between Maritime Labour and Maritime Security: The Right of Seafarers to Shore Leave and the Implementation of the ISPS Code
Drafting Project: An Act to Incorporate the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 into the Laws of the Philippines


SULIT-VERGARA, Nhea Victoria, (Class of 2013), CDR PCG, Legal Officer, Marine Casualty Investigation Branch, Chief, International Affairs Branch, Legal officer, Maritime Safety Services Office, CG8, Philippine Coast Guard, B7 L36, Kroner St Villa Carolina 1, Subd. Tunasan, Muntinlupa City 1773, The Philippines

Tel: (63) 0252 78481; Mob: (63) 2917 8997 866 

Email: nheasulit [at] yahoo [dot] com or babynhea [at] gmail [dot] com or nhea [dot] sulit [at] coastguard [dot] gov [dot] ph

Dissertation: The 21st Century Challenges of Marine Safety Investigation in the Philippines

Drafting Project: An Act to Incorporate the Code of International Standards and Recommended Practices for a Safety Investigation into a Marine Casualty or Marine Incident (Casualty Investigation Code) into the Laws of the Philippines



URANZA, Josephine Marie G., (Class of 2005), Lawyer, Regional Coordinator, IMO Regional Presence for Technical Cooperation in East Asia, 7th floor, First Maritime Place, 7458 Bagtican Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, The Philippines

Tel: (63) 2898 1132

Email: JUranza [at] imo [dot] org or jguranza [at] hotmail [dot] com

Dissertation: The Philippine Maritime Industry: Reviewing the Legal Framework for Prospective Legislation

Drafting Project: An Act Providing for the Registration of Ships and Incentives therefore, the Registration, Recognition and Enforcement of Ship Mortgages, Maritime Claims and Maritime Liens, the Arrest of Ships, the Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims and for Other Purposes



VALDEZ Jr, Lazaro Ernesto C., (Class of 2009), LCDR, Deputy Commander, Coast Guard Legal Service, Philippine Coast Guard, 1063, C Zobel Street, Ermita, Manila, The Philippines

Tel/Fax: (63) 2559 7270

Email: attyjcvaldez [at] yahoo [dot] com or attyjcvaldez [at] gmail [dot] com

Dissertation: The Philippine Experience on Carriage of Passengers by Sea and the Emerging Need for Improved Regulation

Drafting Project: Republic Act to Incorporate the Athens Convention 2002 into the Laws of The Philippines



VILLANUEVA, Lissabelle, (Class of 2007), Commander, Lawyer, Philippine Coast Guard, 16 Siquijor Street, Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City 1780, The Philippines

Mob: (63) 9178 3543 70

Email: lissabelle_villanueva [at] yahoo [dot] com or jcapinia [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: Philippine Oil Spills: The Need for a Clean Up Act

Drafting Project: An Act Strengthen the National Marine Pollution Response Capability of the Philippines, Creating A Special Fund Therefor, and for Other Purposes



YANO, Julius Agito, (Class of 2016), Lawyer,

The Philippines

Dissertation: An Analysis of the System of Employment Benefits of the Filipino Seafarers in light of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

Drafting ProjectAn Act Providing for the Minimum Terms and Conditions of Employment of Filipino Seafarers aboard Ocean-Going Vessels


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