NAPUATI, John Less, (Class of 2001), Litigation Officer, Ronald Kay Warsal & Co. Lawyers, P.O. Box 1165, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Tel: (678) 22 334 or (678) 545 1508

Email: lessins [at] btopenworld [dot] com or less [at] vnpf [dot] com [dot] vu

Dissertation: Some Legal Aspects of Ship Registration and Ship Registration in Vanuatu

Drafting Project: The Maritime Zones Act of 2001



TARI, James, (Class of 2003), Barrister and Solicitor, James Tari & Partners, P.O. Box 1523, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Tel: (678) 227 66; Fax: (678) 22874

Email: tarij5131 [at] yahoo [dot] com or tarij5131 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: Analysis of Some Aspects of International Law of Marine Pollution by Ships in Vanuatu
Drafting Project: Marine Pollution (Prevention and Control) Bill No. … of 2003


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