AL-NASSIRY KHAYOON, Ali Abbas, (Class of 2006), Lawyer, Assistant Legal Adviser, Legal Department, General Company for Ports of Iraq, Ministry of Transport, Al-Ma'aqal, Basrah, Iraq
Tel: (98) 4404 1321 1, (46) 738 934 572; Fax: (98) 440419245

Email: dg [at] iraqports [dot] comiraqiports [at] yahoo [dot] com, aliabbaskh [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dissertation: A Comparative and Analytical Study between Iraqi and English Law with Reference to Applications in Maltese, Spanish and Canadian Laws

Drafting Project: Vessel Registration Act of Iraq 2006



MUTAZ, Sabri Saied, (Class of 2014), Captain, Insurance Department, Manager, Baghdad, Iraq

Tel: (964) 7901 3187 64; Mob: (964) 7901 3187 64

Email: capt_mutaz [at] yahoo [dot] com



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