Academic requirements


Magister Juris (M.Jur.) in International Maritime Law
Prospective candidates for the M.Jur. programme must hold a the first degree in law or a Master’s degree from a recognized university or other academic institution, provided that in the case of a Master’s degree other than in law the candidate has demonstrated the capacity to undertake legal research.  Candidates may also be required to demonstrate qualifications of a comparable standard including relevant professional legal experience recognized for this purpose by the Institute. Additionally, candidates must possess such qualifications and satisfy such other conditions as the Director may, from time to time, establish for this purpose in the form of bye-laws.
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in International Maritime Law
An applicant for the Ph.D. Programme must have been awarded or listed for the award of the M.Jur. Degree with a recommendation from the M.Jur. Examiners that the candidate be enrolled in the Ph.D. Programme.
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