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Candidates may apply for the LL.M. Programme as nominated or as self-financed candidates. The programme fee for both categories is published in the specific application package (see How to Apply).

The programme fee for nominated candidates covers tuition, accommodation on the Institute's premises including servicing, water, electricity, cleaning services and laundry facilities, a word processing allowance, a photocopying allowance, the cost of posting 20 kilos of books, two standard text books, unlimited use of IT facilities provided by the Institute (printing costs not included) and the cost of insurance (fire, theft, public liability and repatriation in cases of emergency).
The programme fee also covers payment to the student by the Institute of a monthly stipend equal to 315 Euros. This stipend is meant to provide for the costs of food, local transport and other necessities of the student.

The stipend is not a salary, therefore it is expected that students carrying employment in their home countries continue to receive their salary and that the nominating government will continue to pay the salary of their officials who are assigned to study at the Institute and to provide, in particular, for the continuation of the income to support the families of the students remaining in their home country. The programme fee does not cover travel in and out of Malta.

The programme fee for self-financed candidates covers tuition and two standard textbooks only. The programme fee does not cover any other costs, such as travel, living expenses, etc. which must be borne by the applicant.
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