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IMLI Class of 2016/2017

The LL.M. programme is addressed to law graduates and legal professionals from around the world seeking specialization in maritime law at post-graduate level.

Candidates for the Programme are usually officially nominated by their governments or national administrations. The Institute also considers applications from independent candidates.

It is generally recognized that in a large number of developing States there are very few lawyers with specialized knowledge of maritime law. Consequently, the availability of well-trained maritime lawyers enables these States to review and update their maritime legislation in accordance with national policies and developments taking place at international level.

IMLI Graduates are of a greater benefit to their countries than are ad hoc consultants whose advice is based on a limited knowledge of the local circumstances and whose services are expensive especially for countries with limited resources.

The comprehensive and interdisciplinary character of the programme also equips graduates to serve in non-governmental organisations, such as the legal departments of port authorities, shipping companies and organisations providing legal advisory services to Governments and shipping concerns.

IMLI students (Class 2010/2011) arguing their case in
the field of law of marine insurance during a “moot” court exercise

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