Master of Humanities (M.HUM.)

IMLI offers a programme leading to the degree of Master of Humanities (M.HUM.) in International Maritime Legislation. The programme will be open to candidates who hold an undergraduate degreefrom a recognized university or other academic institution in a related discipline to international maritime law. The M.Hum. programme stems from the need of the States to have trained specialists in international maritime law to effectively discharge their obligations and ensure that national legislation meets the international standards adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other international organizations. 



For further details, please contact:
Ms. Elda Kazara-Belja 
Lecturer/Admissions Officer
IMO International Maritime Law Institute
P.O. Box 31, Msida, MSD 01, Malta
Tel.: +356 21 319343, 310816, ext. 107
Fax: +356 21 343092
E-mail: admissions [at] imli [dot] org

Applications should be sent to:

The Director
IMO International Maritime Law Institute
Msida Heights, Tal-Qroqq
P.O. Box 31 Msida MSD 1000

Downloadable Application Package for the
2019-2020 M.Hum. Programme:


- Nominated Candidates

- Self-Financed Candidates

Applications for the academic year 2019-2020 are now available. The deadline for application is 30 March 2019.
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