Unique Nature of the LL.M. Programme

Mr. Frederick J. Kenney Jr. (Director of the IMO Legal Affairs and External Relations Division, International Maritime Organization) delivering the inaugural lecture of the

academic year 2016/2017


The Institute’s LL.M. programme provides students with a specialised education in maritime law from an international perspective. Particular emphasis is placed on the study of shipping law, specially the international regulatory law of maritime transport to ensure maritime safety and the protection of the marine environment. The programme also covers the commercial law aspects of shipping including the carriage of goods by sea and marine insurance as well as public international law and law of the sea.

Unlike traditional programmes, IMLI`s LL.M. programme offers a distinctive international study of maritime law. Major systems of law in the world, including the civil and the common law systems, are comparatively considered in relation to maritime affairs. An international faculty brings to the classroom the legislative and judicial experience of leading maritime jurisdictions.

The programme is also designed to provide training in the development and drafting of maritime legislation. Intensive drafting exercises are carried out taking into account both the international law on the subject as well national maritime policies and objectives.

IMLI prides itself on its international faculty, composed of around 50 professors and lecturers drawn from leading international organizations, universities and firms who visit the Institute throughout the programme, bringing the latest developments directly to the classroom. A resident faculty provides the day–to–day teaching of the programme and supervision of students` progress.

Finally, the LL.M. programme is an exciting inter–cultural journey as the Institute draws candidates from across the globe. IMLI promotes a spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation between cultures, paving the way for future collaboration between graduates in combining efforts towards maritime law unification. 

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