IMLI Studies in International Maritime Law


In 2010 IMLI launched its book series “IMLI Studies in International Maritime Law” published by Routledge simultaneously in London and New York.  Under the General Editorship of Professor David Attard the series is dedicated to publishing original, scholarly contributions which analyse key issues in international maritime law. The works published in the series are of interest to an audience of students and scholars in maritime law, maritime lawyers and barristers, and professionals in the shipping industry.



The first volume of the Series, was written by Professor Dr. Norman A. Martínez Gutiérrez and was entitled “Limitation of Liability in International Maritime Conventions: The Relationship between Global Limitation Conventions and Particular Liability Regimes”. This book was published in hardback on 17 December 2010 and on paperback on 13 September 2012 and, in light of the very positive reviews it received, this work is currently being revised to be published as a second edition.





Dr. Mitja Grbec’s book “Extension of Coastal State Jurisdiction in Enclosed or Semi-enclosed Seas: A Mediterranean and Adriatic Perspective” was published as volume two of the Series. This work was published in hardback on 21 November 2013 and on paperback on 4 August 2015.





The Third Monograph of the Series, was written by Professor Dr. Ellen Eftestøl-Wilhelmsson and was entitled “European Sustainable Carriage of Goods: The Role of Contract Law” by Professor Ellen Eftestol-Whilhelmsson. This work was published in hardback on 22 October 2015.





The book entitled “Shipbreaking in Developing Countries: A Requiem for Environmental Justice from the Perspective of Bangladesh” written by Dr. Md Saiful Karim is scheduled to be published in hardback in December 2017 as the fourth volume of the Series.




Other monographs are being considered for publication under the series.



To commemorate its 25 years in the service of the rule of international maritime law, IMLI produced “The IMLI Manual on International Maritime Law”. The Manual, published by Oxford University Press, adopts an all-encompassing approach to international maritime law, which comprises the Law of the Sea, Shipping Law, Marine Environmental Law and Maritime Security Law. The Manual looks at all these areas from the point of view both of their history and their contemporary development. In treating the subject in both breadth and depth, the work aims at providing both the academic world and practitioners with a source of information on what the law is and on the most up to date theory and research relating to it. It also provides comprehensive references and bibliography on the subjects, so that its users have a single source from which to branch out into even more detailed research in the areas studied. The Manual, therefore, is of fundamental importance for anyone interested in public and private aspects of international maritime law. Under the General Editorship of Professor David Attard, the Manual comprises of three volumes: Volume I which is dedicated to the Law of the Sea; Volume II which focuses on Shipping Law; whereas Volume III is devoted to Marine Environmental Law and Maritime Security Law. Volume I was published on 30 October 2014 whereas Volume II and Volume III were published on 21 January 2016 and 24 March 2016, respectively.

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